Christmas Opened Up - Advent Calendar Pack

Christmas Opened Up - Advent Calendar Pack

Family Bible Discovery for Christmas

The pack contains an A3 Advent Calendar and Book to help children and families explore the Bible at Christmas.

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Our Advent Calendar Packs stand out from the crowd by providing a uniquely Bible-focused message that is perfect for Christian and non-Christian families like to work through in the run up to Christmas.

The pack contains an Advent Calendar and Book to help children and families explore the Bible at Christmas. Each window in the Advent Calendar opens to reveal a rich, full colour illustration. The accompanying book helps families to read two or three verses from Luke each day, discuss some simple questions and then pray together.

Each daily Bible time takes about five minutes, maybe at breakfast. or after an evening meal. Whatever suits you best.

Product details


  • The A3 Advent Calendar has 25 windows, which open to reveal a full colour illustration of the events of the first Christmas. Each door has a verse printed on the back of it.
  • Each door also reveals a hidden letter, which is part of a secret message about Christmas. This hidden message is one of several puzzles printed on the back of the calendar.
  • The accompanying 32 page booklet gives outlines for a short family Bible time each day during Advent.


Age range: 5 - 11
Author Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781905564422
Dimensions 210mm x 290mm x 4mm
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

Family Bible reading is not just for Christmas.

Keep up the habit throughout the year with our specially designed Table Talk notes. The outlines are short and simple, taking about five minutes and give solid, practical help for parents who want to teach their children Christian things but don't know where to start.

Customer reviews


“Glad to have it back!”

We took a break from this calendar last year when I bought 'The Real Advent Calendar' from the supermarket - also one that promises to take you through the story of Christmas step by step. I'm so glad we've gone back to this one this year. It takes us through the Christmas story (be it very slowly...) but what's more, it really highlights the importance of Christmas in salvation history and gives us plenty of opportunity to discuss it with our children (8, 4 and 2).


“Great idea as an alternative to a Christmas present”

I gave a copy of this to all the kids in our Sunday school as a way to point them to the real meaning of Christmas. Had lots of good feed back from parents will do it again next Christmas. Prob best suited to 6-10 year olds.


“Not great for younger children”

I was disappointed with this advent calendar pack. I was hoping to use it with my 5 year old but I found the concepts were too difficult for him and the booklet didn't seem to hold his interest. Some of the pictures in the calendar were good, others not so. Some of the verses in the calendar were easy to read and understand, others not so. All in all, a bit of a mixed bag.



I brought this for non Christian friends (duaghter aged 5) and they are delighted with it - they said that they are learning lots. So I'm very pleased.



Really loved this product. The advent calendar was bright and exciting and my girls (5 and 8) were excited every morning to open each flap. Equally the booklet that came with it was a great bible study for the kids. They enjoyed the reading, the questions and the fun tasks. It didn't take long each day but was great to draw on through the day. I hope you do another next year.


“A Good Purchase”

This was a great way to focus on the coming of Jesus during advent. We did it with our 9 and 10 year old kids each morning at breakfast. Whilst there is some room for improvement, over all, it is a good purchase for a family who need something ready-made!


“great to have a Christian advent calendar!”

I used this calendar with my 5 & 3 year old. We enjoyed reading more of the real Christmas story over the month, rather than pictures of bells and robins! The accompanying book was a little over the 3 year old's head, but fine for my 5 year old. We didn't do the accompanying activities as we did it at the breakfast table, but it was good to have the option to if we had wanted. We're looking forward to next year!


“Great, easy way to see Jesus as the best present!”

We used this calendar with our four year old and although he was too young for some of the questions, it was a great way to start each day bringing Christmas excitement back to being about Jesus. It would be better for 6+ but you can tailor it as necessary - but it was great to have a Bible-based advent calendar.


“well worth buying”

A great advent calendar that helps to get the focus right in the busy run up to Christmas. Some of the comments were a bit too advanced for our 4yrold but it was easy to tailor them to his level and they were thought provoking for the adults! We'll definitely be buying another one next year.


“Great Build up to Christmas”

Good clear explanation of the Christmas story and fun ideas to do together.

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Christmas Opened Up - Advent Calendar Pack | Alison Mitchell | $8.99