The Dawn of Redeeming Grace

Daily Devotions for Advent

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Advent devotional for Christmas that will stir hope and inspire worship.

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As dawn broke on that first Christmas morning, the sun rose on a new era: God's king had come to earth to bring about his kingdom.

Join Sinclair Ferguson as he opens up the first two chapters of Matthew's Gospel in these daily devotions for Advent. Each day’s reflection is full of insight and application, and will help you to arrive at Christmas Day awed by God's redeeming grace and refreshed by the hope of God’s promised king.

Sinclair B. Ferguson is a Scottish pastor, author, conference speaker, Ligonier teaching fellow and Chancellor's Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary.

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  • Introduction
    Part One: The Family History
    1. Jesus ben David, ben Abraham
    2. "The Hopes and Fears of All the Years"
    3. Cherchez la Femme

  • Part Two: The Family
    4. A Virgin Conception
    5. Joseph’s Waking Nightmare
    6. A Heavenly Messenger
    7. “Good Tidings of Comfort"
    8. What’s in a Name?
    9. “Isaiah Hath Foretold Him”
    10. The Way of Obedience
    11. Joseph’s Restraint

  • Part Three: The Visitors
    12. Wise Men from the East
    13. A Dangerous Turning
    14. Knowing Without Going
    15. Can You Trust a Herod?
    16. Following a Star
    17. Finding Christ
    18. A Divine Warning

  • Part Four: The Journeys
    19. Saved by a Dream
    20. A Pattern Repeated
    21. The Child Pogrom
    22. Prophecy Fulfilled 
    23. Going Home
    24. Jesus the Nazarene

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Contributors Sinclair B Ferguson
ISBN 9781784986384
Format Paperback
First published October 2021
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 12mm
Weight 0.17 kg
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Ray Ortlund

President, Renewal Ministries

Sinclair Ferguson knows how to write deep theology that helps simple people like me. And there is no deeper topic than the Advent of our glorious Lord in this broken world. The Dawn of Redeeming Grace is written by a wise author offering us rich insights, so that we journey more confidently from this world to that which is to come.

Alistair Begg

Bible Teacher, Truth For Life; Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Cleveland; Author, Pray Big and A Christian Manifesto

It is hard not to be a little envious of Sinclair’s uncanny knack of unpacking familiar material in a manner that causes one to say, ‘Why didn’t I see that?’ These short readings have helped me read my Bible with fresh insight, and in the process my heart has been strangely warmed.

Nancy Guthrie

Bible teacher and author of the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series

For many of us, the road through the Christmas story is very familiar territory: so familiar that we have a hard time seeing it through fresh eyes. In The Dawn of Redeeming Grace, Sinclair Ferguson is a worthy and helpful guide, pointing out insights we may have missed and guiding us toward wonder and worship.

Customer reviews

21 Jan 2024

“Wonderful deep devotional for Advent”

This book was a wonderful way to dig deeper into Who God is at Christmas time. I loved the depth of thought Sinclair put into it and therefore led me to. I bought extras to give as gifts to people this next Christmas.

9 Jan 2022

“A thought provoking read”

I ordered 10 copies of the Dawn of Redeeming Grace in faith for my Bible Study group which would not be meeting in December after reading the synopsis on the Good Book website. I was not disappointed. Everyone I have spoken to seems to have enjoyed the way each chapter has opened up some new ways of looking at Matthew Chapters 1-2.
A curate in our Team gave me a glowing report of how she had found it both inspiring and challenging and was pleased that she had made the time to read a reflection each day in Advent.
I have a friend who has dementia but is still able to comment and ask questions. We studied the book together, each day discussing the text and the hymn or carol for that day. She was very stimulated by the message in each chapter and asked some very deep theological questions which at times I sometimes found difficult to answer. It was so successful that I will be looking for another book for Lent.

1 Jan 2022

“A Great Devotional for Any Season”

This is a wonderfully simple, thought-provoking and challenging devotional, and could be read at any time of year, not just in the run-up to Christmas. Ferguson focuses on the account of Christ's birth according to Matthew and the great strength of the book is that his consideration of what we might consider well-known texts is fresh and at times deeply humbling. Graciously but firmly, questions are asked of the reader concerning our own walk with the Lord, strength of faith and willingness to sacrifice in service of the Saviour who sacrificed so much for us in taking on human flesh. A wonderfully refreshing book that would be well worth reading in winter, spring, summer or autumn!

30 Dec 2021

“Fantastic Advent Devotional!”

This past Advent season, I had the pleasure of reading The Dawn of Redeeming Grace: Daily Devotions for Advent by Sinclair Ferguson. Having read and loved Ferguson’s other devotionals, I had high expectations for this one. And I am pleased to report that He met them.

In this devotional, Ferguson takes us through the first two chapters of Matthew’s Gospel and shows us what it says about “those days that marked the dawn of redeeming grace and how Christ’s light breaks into our lives today.”

The book has 24 chapters divided into four main parts. Part one is titled The Family History, and it explores Jesus’s genealogy and its significance (Matthew 1:1-17). Part two is titled The Parents, and it examines how Mary and Joseph received the news of Jesus’s birth and their reactions (Matthew 1:18-25). Part three is titled The Visitors, and it explores the wise men’s visit (Matthew 2:1-12). And part four is titled The Journeys; it explores the return journey of the wise men, Jesus’s flight to Egypt, and His return to Nazareth (Matthew 2:13-23).

Each chapter features a brief reflection with insights and explanations about the Incarnation, words of a hymn, and a quick prayer.

I loved reading The Dawn of Redeeming Grace; it is an excellent Advent devotional! The reflections are deep, theologically rich, and full of background information that helps better understand the Christmas story. Reading this book during Advent helped me reflect in awe at the wonders of Jesus’s coming and prepare for Christmas. I also enjoyed the poetry/hymn at the end of each chapter. It inspired even more worship.

I highly recommend this book for Advent and even after. It is that good!

The Good Book Company graciously gave me a complimentary copy, and this is my honest review.

29 Dec 2021

“Excellent Advent Devotional”

This is an excellent devotional for Advent. Dr. Ferguson uses the first 2 chapters of the gospel of Matthew to guide the reader into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the birth of Christ. While most people tend to skip over lengthy genealogies, Dr. Ferguson dives deep into it, bringing wisdom and insight to his readers.

The book is divided into 4 sections (The Family History, The Family, The Visitors, The Journeys) which each begin Scripture followed by short daily devotional that consist of Dr. Ferguson’s words, a hymn, and a prayer.

Dr. Ferguson writes with clarity and passion about His Savior, explaining the familiar Christmas story with a substantial depth of wisdom regarding the text. It’s an easy read with short chapters, but don’t let that fool you. The richness contained within its pages will surely bless any reader.

29 Dec 2021

“Heart-warming Advent devotional”

The first 2 chapters of Matthew's Gospel are fairly familiar territory for me, but yet Sinclair Ferguson digs deeper to unearth some new truths to me, and also then applies them in a thoughtful and challenging way to our lives today. Particularly memorable was SF's unpacking of Joseph's reaction to God's revelation to him, when he considered, and when he acted swiftly. Also his frequent reminders that although the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Lord's church, it won't be for want of trying on Satan's part. This helps me to understand afresh both the opposition to the Christ-child then and now, and yet continue to trust the Lord's ways and purposes.

20 Dec 2021

“Really good”

Every year I look for a book to give out to others during the Christmas period. I think it's important to have resources to encourage people into Bible reading and spending time with God. This book ticks all the boxes for me as an advent devotional - it's clear but not simplistic, heartwarming, pastoral. However there's a lot to think about. There's a tendency in some Christian literature to 'play to the audience' but this book really gets to the heart of the good news of Christmas - good news, great joy for all, and I'm glad I've read it.

16 Dec 2021

“Excellent devotional to get us stuck into Christmas and daily Bible reading!”

If you’ve bought an advent calendar for the kids (or for yourself?!) you’ll be well aware that Christmas (perhaps aka busyness) lies ahead, in the near future. And if we’re out of any routine, now is not going to be the time we’ll manage to get back into one. But dare I suggest, that there might be a way to be enjoying bible reading and reflection each day of advent, even in the midst f busyness…

In his book, The Dawn of REDEEMING GRACE, a daily devotional for advent, Sinclair Ferguson takes us through the account and meaning of the birth of Jesus as foretold in the Old Testament and told by Matthew’s gospel at the very start of the New Testament. He helps us to understand these remarkable, and perhaps frankly strange, events all those years ago; and how they are relevant to us now and why so important.

The book is structured into four sections each based on a short bible reading; then each day’s read is 4 – 5 pages (about 10 minutes) of the devotional, a verse from a carol and a short prayer we can make our own for that day.

I’m looking forward to reading it, a bit at a time each day; and will love to hear from you how you find it. Maybe God will speak pertinently to us on one day, and help us to see something we’ve never understood before on another. So let’s sit down with the Introduction to the devotional on 30th November to set us up to get stuck in from 1st December.

11 Dec 2021

“Excellent Advent Teachng”

I have been so uplifted reading this Advent Devotional book. It s so steeped in Scripture - yet with aspects of the story particularly in relation to the life of Joseph brought to life in a new way,
while remaining faithful to the Biblical text. And Advent is not over yet! I look forward eager anticipation to the next day’s reading. Very helpful indeed,

4 Dec 2021


This book will set your mind upon the wonder of God's love in Christ again and again.

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