Learn2Lead Track 2: Understanding Doctrine

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An overview of the central pillars of Biblical faith; how they relate to leadership and ministry in the local church.

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These perceptive studies on essential Christian doctrines form the second track of the Learn2Lead course. This overview of the central pillars of Biblical faith shows how these key doctrines are central to an understanding of leadership and ministry in the local church.

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  • Preface
  • 2.1 God (His Being)
  • 2.2 God (His Character)
  • 2.3 The Bible
  • 2.4 The Lord Jesus Christ (His Person)
  • 2.5 The Lord Jesus Christ (His Death)
  • 2.6 The Lord Jesus Christ (His Resurrection and Reign)
  • 2.7 The Holy Spirit
  • 2.8 The Human Race
  • 2.9 The Church
  • 2.10 The Future

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Contributors Richard Underwood, Brian Boley
ISBN 9781905564712
Format Saddle stitch
Dimensions 146mm x 210mm x 6.1mm
Language English
Pages 64
No. of studies 10
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

Learn2Lead is a ten-unit course which introduces the principles of Biblical leadership for those who want to serve at all levels in the local church fellowship.

You can work through these sessions as a stand-alone course, or as part of the more comprehensive Learn2Lead programme. You can study them individually, or as part of a larger group in your church. The stimulating blend of content, application, questions, principles and pract will help you shape your growing gifts in God's service.

Customer reviews


“Well worth reading”

(Review written for 'Learn2Lead Track 5: Leadership in Practice 2')

A really helpful guide and introduction to leadership, covering a lot of the nuts and bolts of ministry and Christian leadership. Easy to read, biblical, practical and encouraging.


“very good material”

I think this is a great study with a wide range of material to study. I certainly recommend it. Why only 4 stars? Well, if this material gets some media input with it, that not only brings it alive, but also add the means that would allow the user/person presenting the material to add notes on their PC as they grow with the material I would give it a five. I realise that the person who put it together is a lecturer and is very busy, but you guys at the Good Book Company could really make this recourse something special. Just a thought! Thanks


“A helpful bible overview in a useful format.”

A helpful refresher for those that have been taught a bible overview before or a useful starting point for those that haven't! Great for individual study or for discussion with others.
Each study took about 45 mins to an hour but could have been done more thoroughly.


“Good and easy to follow Self Study Lessons”

(Review written for 'Learn2Lead Track 3: Understanding Leadership')

Easy to follow lessons leading to a much better understanding of leadership. If you still have to work full time to earn a living and you can not afford the time to attend courses then this is for you.


“sharp, incisive in giving a bibel overview”

(Review written for 'Learn2Lead Track 1: Understanding the Bible')

This gives a complete view of the whole bible. Each chapter covers one section with questions and topics for further study. Excellent for group work or as an individual.


“Just what we need!”

(Review written for 'Learn2Lead Track 1: Understanding the Bible')

Our students are finding this helpful interesting, stimulating, enriching,mind-stretching and heart-warming. So much in small compass. Need I say more?


“type of book that is good for refreshing your bible knowledge”

I was looking for an easy step by step learn2lead, and was delighted to find that the goodbook company, could provide a series of this type.
I decided to try the first in the series and I am working my way through this book, I find it very comfortable and informative. I would recommend this for new or longer term church leader.

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Learn2Lead Track 2: Understanding Doctrine | Richard Underwood, Brian Boley | $9.99