Why did Jesus die? (Pack of 25)

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Why did Jesus die? is based on Mark 15 v 33-39, and is ideal for use in children's groups or giving away at Easter services. Pack of 25.

Part of the Why Did Jesus series.

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Part of our range of three full colour leaflets with Bible passages, puzzles and questions looking at why Jesus came, died and rose again. 'Why did Jesus die?' is based on Mark 15 v 33-39, and is ideal for use in children's groups or giving away at Easter services. Suitable for use with ages 7-14. Pack of 25.

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Age range: 7 - 11
Author Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781904889779
Dimensions 140mm x 148mm
Language English
Pages 6
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

“Excellent gospel tract for kids”

(Review written for 'Why did Jesus die?')

This tract is clearly presented and suitable for ages 7-14. It includes some words to fill in to the text to reinforce the chosen bible verses. There are also a couple of small illustrations that can be coloured in. I particularly like these features, as it provides that little bit extra to the presentation of this most important and precious message. A useful evangelistic tool for the suggested age group.


“excellent tract”

a good tract to give to age 7 - 14s, simply explains the gospel. maybe a more relevant picture on the front would make it stand out more.also maybe a space on the back for a church stamp?


“Simple, attractive and clearly explained”

We used this at an Xsite kids event in Leeds as an affordable leaflet for the children to take home and look at. Its modern design was attractive - particularly to the boys. I used the leftovers in my church at our Good Friday club - and noticed even some of the dads and regulars in my congregation sneekily taking one away!! Hallelujah! The Word is getting out!


“Straight to the point for top Junior school kids.”

We used it when a party of children visited our church as part of their "culture" education program. What an opportunity!


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Why did Jesus die? (Pack of 25) | Alison Mitchell | $9.99