5 Things to Pray for Your Parents

Prayers that Change Things for an Older Generation

Chelsea Stanley & Tim Challies

Fresh ideas to help you pray for your parents.

Part of the 5 Things series.

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The Bible calls us to honour our parents—and one way we can do that is by praying for them. Little children often see their mothers and fathers as the ones with all the answers. It’s not until we grow up that we realise our parents are just like us—regular people in need of prayer. 

This guide will help you to pray rich, intentional prayers for your mother or father—be they biological or adoptive, working or retired, frail or fit, married or separated, believers or unbelievers. Whatever their situation, if we want to love them well, we need to pray.

Each of the 21 prayer themes in this book takes a passage of Scripture and suggests five things to pray for a particular area of your parents' lives. You can use this book in any number of ways: work through it as part of your daily quiet time or pick it up whenever a particular need arises.

The command to honour our parents comes with a beautiful promise—“that it may go well with you” (Ephesians 6 v 3). The hope of this guide is that you will reap this blessing as you come before God with prayers that change things for an older generation.

Chelsea Stanley serves with the women’s ministry team at Crossway Community Church in Bristol, Wisconsin . She has written for Desiring God, Risen Motherhood, and The Gospel Coalition.

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  • Introduction
  • Praying That God Would…
  • Save My Parents
  • Give Them Purpose
  • Grant Them Wisdom
  • Bless Their Relationships
  • Bring Them Joy
  • Praying That My Parents Will…
  • Delight in God’s Word
  • Love God and Others
  • Not Be Anxious
  • Be Content
  • Endure
  • Praying When My Parents Are…
  • Making Transitions
  • Suffering
  • Lonely
  • Caring for Loved Ones
  • Losing Their Memory
  • Facing Death
  • Praying that I will…
  • Trust God as my Father
  • Give thanks
  • Love my parents
  • Seek forgiveness
  • Care for my parents

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Author Chelsea Stanley, Tim Challies
ISBN 9781784986285
Format Paperback
First published May 2021
Dimensions 110mm x 178mm x 5.2mm
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company

Emily Jensen

Co-author, Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments; Co-founder of the Risen Motherhood ministry

While I'm quick to pray for my husband, children, and church, I often forget to pray for the hearts and lives of my own parents. I'm so grateful for Chelsea's wisdom and helpful prompts! I look forward to using this resource in my own life.

Glenna Marshall

Author, The Promise is His Presence and Everyday Faithfulness

In Five Things to Pray for Your Parents, Chelsea Stanley equips us with biblical truth and encouragement to pray for every kind of parent in every kind of situation. This book is immensely practical and has spurred me to pray faithfully and specifically for my own parents.

Greg Morse

Staff Writer, desiringGod.org

Scripture-saturated, accessible, soul-stirring, and convicting. I recommend this practical aid to young and old as a thoughtful encouragement in a duty we too easily neglect: praying for our parents. Whether you’re on good terms or painful, whether they’re believers (yet) or not, spending time praying for them through this study will warm affections, encourage repentance, and implore God to do what only he can.

Independent reviews

"This is a very good edition to a very helpful short series."

Alistair Chalmers, May 4th 2021

This book is short, full of the Bible, practical and will help you know how to be praying for your parents. Any resource that encourages biblical prayer is a good one.... continue reading


"Through our prayers we demonstrate our love, care and respect for the ones who have raised us."

Amber Thiessen, April 28th 2021

Chelsea Stanley invites us to pray specifically and scripturally for our parents. She covers 21 different themes to guide us as we pray, for their relationships, for wisdom, their suffering and their transitions. She demonstrates a great depth of understanding in these themes as they relate to the lives of our aging parents, and I really appreciated how she applied scripture to each thread.... continue reading


Inspiring and Needed

Sarah Poling, May 11th 2021

This book is humbling to read. As a parent myself praying for my parents and my husband's parents as we are blessed to have four living parents in their late 70s and 80s. Blessed to have seen grandmothers of mine live long lives. This book is 21 sets of scripture to pray through with topics. You can choose a circumstance or situation. Or go in order. Simple and profound encouragement to my prayer life.... continue reading

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5 Things to Pray for Your Parents | Chelsea Stanley, Tim Challies | $9.99