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Discover... God's amazing book is a 3-week starter issue, designed to encourage 11s-13s to regularly read the Bible.

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Discover... God's amazing book is a 3-week starter issue, designed to encourage 11-13s to get stuck into their Bibles.

This new-and-improved starter issue introduces readers to Jesus from the beginning of Mark's gospel. It also has studies all about God's word from Psalms. The idea is to introduce young people to regular Bible reading, making it fun and interactive, yet with no-nonsense teaching, straight from God's word.

This issue comes with a free bookmark with tips on regular Bible study, and a list of all the Bible books, to help them get used to how the Bible fits together.

Product details


Age range: 11 - 13
Author Martin Cole
ISBN 9781907377082
Format Saddle stitch
Dimensions 149mm x 201mm
Language English
Pages 24
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

To get young people into reading Discover, we've developed three Discover starter (or trial) packs which introduce the idea of Bible reading and some key concepts in the gospel.

Customer reviews


(Review written for 'Discover...the Meaning of Life')

These notes have engaged my 11 year old son perhaps more than anything else we've used before.


“Excellent summary of the Gospel and how to become a Christian”

(Review written for 'Discover...the Meaning of Life')

Having enjoyed doing XTB with my son, now that he is 12, I felt he needed something slightly different. I tried the three week 'discover' starter issue, and through that, my son became a Christian. It wasn't forced or false, but genuine repentance and faith. Discover is very clear and direct, and caused him to ask lots of searching questions which led him to put his trust in Jesus as his Saviour. I shall be eternally grateful to the godly people at the Good Book Company who paved the way for what every Christian parent wants for their child : salvation through Jesus. I have now subscribed to the full edition of discover, in the prayer that my son will now grow in godliness and in deeper love for Jesus, as he works out his salvation.



My niece, who is also my goddaughter, is finding these notes fun and interesting. My sister enjoys the time she spends with her and the questions that arise test her as well! Although she's not reading them on a daily basis (lots of extracurricular activities) she still comes back to them when she can. I ordered a few books for her which will probably take her through the year. I would highly recommend them. As background, in case it helps in your decision making: my niece is a clever, inquisitive 11 year old (well I would say that, wouldn't I!) and regularly attends a church. These are the first bible notes she's had.


“Good, accessible study material for youngsters”

My daughter is 9yrs old (Yr5) but reading at a more advanced level. So the problem is, how does a parent keep their child challenged whilst not presenting them with material that requires anything more than an emotional maturity that is still running true to age? (I mention this because I'm increasingly convinced that many parents struggle with this.) The problem is no less an issue with bible reading notes - so I'm thrilled to have found these!

The material is presented in such a way as to both lead the child in study and require them to respond in thoughful and prayerful reflection to what they're learning of the Lord and His word. That leaves space for parents to pursue conversations at a level of emotional maturity that is appropriate whilst not limiting the opportunity for the child to grow in their knowing and loving of Jesus.

Of course, there are the usual variety of little puzzles and things, but not in such a way as to trivialise or detract from the biblical material and learning themes.

Perhaps the only significant element that is missing now is some kind of digital interaction. It would probably only require a relatively small amount of work to set up some kind of secure online forum where youngsters working through the Discover series could discuss the material.

I've written here with wider reference to the Discover series, but should add that the '...God's amazing book' edition served wonderfully to stir and encourage a hunger for bible reading and study and I was enthusiastically asked to order the next edition!


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