Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes - Leader's Guide

All you need to run eight friendly and open discussions about Jesus, life and faith in God

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Leader's guide for the Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes course.

Part of the Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes series.

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“Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes addresses Asian-flavored concerns about Christianity with depth and simplicity..”
Wien Fung
Chinese Church in London 
“A timely and relevant resource with helpful insights—an excellent tool for building bridges with our Asian neighbors..”
Ram Gidoomal
Chair of the South Asian Forum, Evangelical Alliance
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Asians of all nationalities and religious background often have a false view of what Christianity is all about. Many do not know much about who Jesus is and what he taught.
The Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes course is designed to address these questions from the Bible, and lead Asians into a deeper understanding of Jesus and the Gospel message.

This leader’s manual contains:
• All you need to run eight friendly discussions with Asians that explain the Gospel of Jesus
• Full guide to running the sessions with outline answers to the questions
• Helpful advice on answering specific questions that those from different religions ask.
• An introduction to specific questions that arise from Asians with Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist and other belief systems.

Use it to train yourself and others to reach out to those from an Asian background.

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  • Introduction
  • A. Using the Jesus through Asian eyes booklet
  • 1. How to use the booklet and relate to Asian friends
  • 2. 10 tips for continuing contact on a personal level
  • 3. A brief introduction to the main Asian religions
  • 4. Why these questions?
  • 5. How to prepare your church or Christian group to reach Asians with the booklet and course
  • 6. Organising a discussion
  • B. The Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes course
  • C. Going further
  • 7. Leading an Asian person to Christ and follow-up
  • 8. Resources

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Contributors Clive Thorne, Robin Thomson
ISBN 9781909919198
Format Paperback
First published June 2014
Dimensions 152mm x 229mm x 12mm
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company

Alistair Begg

Senior Minister, Parkside Church

A terrific resource – attractively packaged, helpfully clear and introducing the reader to Jesus with humility and grace.

Wien Fung

Pastoral Worker, Chinese Church in London

Discovering Jesus Through Asian Eyes addresses Asian-flavoured concerns about Christianity with depth and simplicity.

Pastor Ayo Adedoyin

Head of Community Action, Jesus House, London

I am really excited about this course as it gives Christians today appropriate and sensitive resources with which to engage with colleagues, friends and neighbours from South Asia.

Customer reviews


“A very useful resource not only for people from a South Asian background.”

(Review written for 'Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes - Discussion Guide')

Though this discussion book is designed primarily for enquirers from a South Asian background we are finding it works well as a baptism preparation resource for Iranian and Kurdish believers and enquirers.


“Answering questions my Asian friends are asking”

(Review written for 'Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes - Sample Pack')

Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes is proving very helpful, as it is answering questions which my Asian friends have but I wouldn't have thought of, such as "Isn't Christianity only for western people?". The Bible passages accompanying the discussion questions relate well and the book of 16 questions is a great stand-alone gift also.
Just two minor challenges I think:
- the discussion guide tackles the 16 questions in 8 sessions, two questions per session. We find it is too much material for one session, so we are going quite slowly and doing just one question per session - perhaps if you aren't sure if you will manage 16 sessions, you should pick and choose the most appropriate questions to address.
- there is an unfortunate typo in most sessions where a third general discussion question is misplaced to be among the questions about the specific Bible passage. If you follow the leaders' guide, you can work it out OK though.


“Extremely helpful”

(Review written for 'Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes - Sample Pack')

Here in New Zealand we have many immigrants from Asia. I have been involved in teaching English through an outreach by our church, which has led to the formation of groups to study the Christian faith. Discovering Jesus through Asian Eyes is a very valuable resource, giving a student's study guide, a leader's guide with many helpful insights into the student's background beliefs and customs, and an excellent resource giving 16 frequently asked questions about Jesus, life and faith in God.We plan to begin using it next term and look forward to God using it to bring many to Himself. Amazingly, I received it from the Good Book Company five days after it was posted in London!

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Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes - Leader's Guide | Clive Thorne, Robin Thomson | $14.99