Biblical Answers to Youth and Children's Leaders' questions

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A practical handbook of biblical answers to the questions youth and children's ministry leaders have.

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Biblical answers to youth and children's leader's questions.

What have you always wanted to know about children's and youth work? This new book gives Bible-centered answers to the top ten most frequently asked questions, including:
- What is Christian youth work?
- How do you teach mixed groups?
- What are the criteria for good leaders?
- How do you build bridges with parents?
- How do you keep control?

Find answers to these, and other questions, inside this biblical, practical handbook.

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  • 1. What's it all about? – Ian Fry
  • What is Christian youth work?
  • 2. Desperately seeking leaders – Roger Fawcett
  • What are the criteria for good children's and youth leaders?
  • 3. The whole package – Nick Margesson
  • How can we teach the whole counsel of God?
  • 4. The word on the street – Martin Cole
  • How can we encourage young people to read the Bible?
  • 5. Mix and match – Mark Tomlinson
  • How do we pitch our teaching for a mixed group?
  • 6. Letting the lion loose – Trevor Pearce
  • How do we put a programme together?
  • 7. Serving suggestions - David Whitehouse
  • How do we encourage teenagers to get serving?
  • 8. Out of control? – Alison Mitchell
  • How can we keep effective discipline?
  • 9. Poles apart – Chris Slater
  • How do we integrate young people into the congregation?
  • 10. Bridging the gap – Richard Newman
  • How can we build bridges with parents?
  • 11. Getting excited! – Danny Rurlander
  • How can we get our church leadership excited?

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Author Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781905564453
Format Paperback
Dimensions 130mm x 198mm x 10.6mm
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Brilliant for volunteer leaders”

Short, punchy chapters written by practising youth workers, on the topics that your volunteer leaders want to know about.
Firmly bible centred and full of practical examples, I have bought one for each of our 14-18s leaders. Easy to read but not theologically light weight, the contents page reads like a list of things I ought to be discussing at my leaders meetings. Buy two because you'll want to give one away.


“A great book for people doing youth work within a church setting.”

This book gave much to think about when organising church youth work. It discussed the role of parents and the church and the purposes of youth work. Although some of it was relevant for independant Christian youth work this was not so focussed on in the book which was a shame. Each section has a short Bible study section to help keep focus on the reasons for doing youth work well. Even though I don't do church youth work it definitely provided food for thought and gave me some good ideas.

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