Get into the Bible

From first creation to new creation: the unfolding plan of God in scripture

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This booklet will take you through the Bible as a whole, showing how various approaches can help or hinder.

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Are you having trouble getting into the Bible? Or have you been reading the Bible for some years, and find that you're not learning anything new? Or do you just want to see how the whole Bible holds together? Or maybe you're looking for suggestions on how to study the Bible more effectively.

This booklet can help! First, it will take you through the Bible as a whole. Then it will show you how various approaches to Bible study can help or hinder your spiritual growth.

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  • Introduction

  • Part One
    An Overview of the Bible
    What is the Bible?
    How Does the Bible Work?
    1: Human History and the Experiences of Salvation
    2: The Promise of God and the Kings who Failed
    3: The Future Kingdom and the Present Tension
    4: The Promise Fulfilled
    Putting it All Together
    Two 'Worked Examples'
    Fulfilment and 'Type'
    The Life of the World to Come - Amen!
    The Bible and the Life of Tension
    Reading the New Testament
    Conclusion to Part One

  • Part Two
    Methods of Bible Study
    So You've Read the Bible - What Next?
    The Underlying Problem
    Leaving what Lies Behind
    A 'Sophisticated' Approach to the Bible
    We Ask the Questions
    Beginning, Middle and End
    Putting it All Together
    Taught, not Caught
    Accurate Teaching vs Effective Learning

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Contributors John Richardson
ISBN 9781873166086
Format Paperback
Dimensions 148mm x 210mm x 3mm
Weight 0.08 kg
Language English
Pages 48
Publisher The Good Book Company

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What others have said:

'Exactly what we've been looking for in our adult confirmation and baptism course'

'The approach to the Old Testament in particular is one that should help many people who find it bewildering and hard to accept as the word of God'

'An excellent publication'

'It is rare to find a book that gives an overview of the Bible as the whole Bible, but one of the great advantages of this book is its brevity'

John Richardson is now the Assistant Minister in the United Benefice of Henham, Elsenham and Ugley. He trained at St John's College, Nottingham, England, and at Moore College, Sydney, Australia.

Customer reviews

8 Nov 2007

“Brief but not shallow”

An excellent overview to the Bible suitable for those who have read the Bible for years or are newer to the faith. Brilliant.

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