The Advent of Glory

24 Devotions for Christmas

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Daily Advent devotions that will help you to slow down and appreciate the wonder of Christmas.

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These straightforward, short and profound Advent readings have been edited from talks given by much-loved Bible teacher, R.C. Sproul, helping readers to benefit from his enduring insight and wisdom. They delve into the details of the Christmas story and reflect on how these impact our lives now, combining scholarly detail with heartwarming application.

Each day also includes a prayer written by a well-known Bible teacher of our own day, to guide your own reflections.

As R.C. Sproul observes, the narrative of the birth of Jesus is so familiar to many of us that ”the words just slip over us So, take the time to slow down and dwell on the words of the Christmas story so that you arrive at Christmas Day full of awe and wonder at the birth of Jesus.

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  • 1. Certainty
    2. Time
    3. Impossible
    4. Virgin
    5. Favor
    6. Mother
    7. Promise
    8. Redeemed
    9. Happened
    10. Ruler
    11. Bethlehem
    12. David
    13. King
    14. Government
    15. Room
    16. Empty
    17. Glory
    18. Angel
    19. Host
    20. Go
    21. Holy
    22. Waiting
    23. Face-to-face
    24. People

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Contributors R C Sproul
ISBN 9781784988913
Format Paperback
First published October 2023
Dimensions 128mm x 198mm x 15mm
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

John MacArthur

pastor and teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California; president, The Master’s College and Seminary

Reading through this Advent devotional I could hear again, in vivid ways, R.C.’s voice. The warm, personable insights and grasp of divine truth that caused us to sit at his feet are captured again for all to hear as he expresses the wonders of the incarnation. A Christmas treasure!

Customer reviews


“Perfect little book!”

What a very quick devo to read with yourself or maybe your spouse before bed. Each devo is about 2 pages long! Lots of great truths and scripture throughout. And I loved the prayers at the end of each day from various people- I love what they added to the “day”.

One of my favorite parts of this devo was that each day felt with a new aspect to the Christmas story. Maybe some perspectives you’ve never thought twice about. My fave being day 23: Simeon. I think these perspectives really added to the beauty and joy of the birth of Jesus!

This book is very easy to get through during the Christmas season! It was nice to read in bed at the end of the day! Highly suggest you to read this if you’re looking for something to go along with your advent reading.

Thank you Good Book company for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


“Theologically Rich”

Where can you find wonder during the holiday season? In The Advent of Glory, R. C. Sproul shares 24 devotions for Christmas.


This book was edited from the transcripts of two series of talks given by the late R. C. Sproul. If you are familiar with his ministry, you undoubtedly hear him in these pages. I could hear his voice with every word.

Each chapter will allow you slow down and appreciate the details in the Christmas story. Anchored around key-word phrases such as “Impossible,” “Promise,” and “King,” these short devotions are awe-inspiring.

Theologically Rich

The book features prayers after every chapter, written by Sinclair Ferguson, Tim Challies, Joni Eareckson Tada, and more. Reading them is a theologically-rich way to direct your gaze towards God.

Reading this book was like injecting a concentrated dose of joy to my daily devotions. See the Christmas story again with wonder and spur your heart towards worship.

I received a media copy of The Advent of Glory and this is my honest review.


“Prepare your heart for Christmas”

The Advent of Glory; 24 Devotions for Christmas by RC Sproul. This book is great to prepare your heart this Christmas season. Each section is just a couple of pages long allowing for you to reflect on a specific part of the Christmas story, connecting it to your own life and faith journey today. There is a question at the end of each devotional to help you think about applying what your read followed by a prayer. I found it most helpful to read the prayer aloud.
This was actually the first advent book I had ever read and it inspired me to ensure I do something for advent each and every year!

Thanks to the good book company for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!


“Excellent devotional”

I am really enjoying this well thought out and comprehensive devotional for advent. I really appreciate the various aspects of the story of Christ’s birth that are explored and the thoughts Sproul adds. Highly recommend


“Theological Depth & Heartwarming Application”

(Review written for 'The Advent of Glory (ebook)')

The Advent of Glory is a radiant Christmas devotional curated from the profound insights of the highly respected Dr. R.C. Sproul. This five-star literary masterpiece which I so highly recommend is a testament to the enduring wisdom of a beloved Bible teacher, offering a resplendent tapestry of reflections that shines a brilliant light on the wonder of Christmas.

The Advent of Glory stands out as a radiant gem. Dr. Sproul's eloquence, distilled from his timeless talks, unfolds a narrative that captures the essence of Christmas. Each two-page devotion is a sacred sojourn, a moment of serene reflection, a transcendent respite amid the festive flurry.

This devotional exceeds the ordinary, unveiling new facets of the familiar Christmas narrative. Daily explorations of themes like Simeon on Day 23 inject fresh insight, sweet beauty and amazing joy into the birth of Jesus, providing readers with perspectives that enrich the season with newfound meaning.

The inclusion of prayers by luminaries like Tim Challies, Joni Earekson Tada, and Sinclair Ferguson adds a beautiful layer to the devotional experience. These prayers, delicately placed at each day's close, echo the day's exploration, forging a profound connection with God and infusing depth into the reader's spiritual journey when personally applied.

Edited by the esteemed Vesta Sproul, Dr. Sproul's wife, The Advent of Glory is a testament to his enduring legacy. It melds theological depth with heartwarming application, ensuring readers bask in the brilliance of both remarkable scholarship and tender sincerity.

Beyond the Christmas season, The Advent of Glory extends a warm invitation to a year-round journey of discipleship. Dr. Sproul's prayer encapsulates this journey - a quest to intimately know the love of Jesus and share it abundantly, day after day.


“Great Advent Devotional”

This beautiful devotional is a collection of teachings by R.C. Sproul helping us to reflect on what the birth of a Jesus really means. Each days devotional during advent is 3-4 pages long, includes a thought-provoking question at the end of the reading and a prayer written by a well-known pastor or Bible teacher.
Both the devotions and the prayers are beautifully written and help to prepare and focus your heart for the Christmas season! I loved that Bible verses were included throughout. It can be really easy during the Christmas season to be so familiar with the story of the first Christmas that we lose our sense of awe about it, this devotional book is a great way to rekindle that awe and refocus on the true meaning of Christmas.
"Why did Jesus come? Because of his great, arresting. gripping, abiding love for his sheep: for all those whom the Father had given him. Because of his unbelievable love for the church. Yes, there's a sense in which God loves the whole world. But there is a special sense in which God loves his people." (p. 148)
"I can hardly believe what Jesus has done to ensure the redemption of his people the definite and particular redemption of his sheep. In that first advent, he came to live a life of perfect obedience, he died for our transgressions, and he rose again. He prayed for us, and prays for us still. He prays that we may be one: all God's people, united as Jesus and the Father are united." (p.149)
I'd highly recommend this encouraging book for the advent season! It would also make a great early Christmas present!


“Perfect devotional and prayer companion for the season”

The impact of Dr. R.C. Sproul's life and teachings on my spiritual journey has been profound. Even six years after his passing, it brings me joy that publishing houses continue to retrieve and share his unpublished works and sermons, making them accessible to us.

"The Advent of Glory," a new Advent devotional published by The Good Book Company, is the newest addition to Dr. Sproul's body of works. This devotional draws from transcripts of two series of talks he delivered on the subject, comprising 24 devotionals tailored for use during the Advent season. Each chapter centers around a keyword from the Christmas story, serving as a gateway for meditation on the significance of Christ's advent.

At the end of every chapter, you will find a prayer reflection on what you just have read. With contributions from Tim Challies, Joni Eareckson Tada, Steven Lawson, Sinclair Fergusson, and more, this book is a perfect devotional and prayer companion for the season.

While the daily devotionals are concise, Dr. Sproul's rich, profound thoughts permeate each page, guiding readers toward the promised Messiah. For those in search of a meaningful Christmas devotional, "The Advent of Glory" is an excellent and enriching choice!


“Deep and Encouraging”

This Advent devotional features twenty-four readings based on Christmas talks that the renowned Bible teacher R. C. Sproul gave during his lifetime. His wife helped with the editing process for this book, and the devotions all read very smoothly in their current medium. This book is of the same caliber as other Advent devotionals, and if I hadn't known in advance, I never would have guessed that these daily readings were edited from spoken presentations.

Each reading delves into a different person or theme from the Nativity story, exploring both the events surrounding Christmas and the Old Testament prophecies that pointed to Christ's birth in Bethlehem and described the kind of Messiah he would be. The readings are typically about three or four pages long, and they conclude with a brief reflection question. After that, there is a short prayer. Each prayer comes from a respected male or female Bible teacher serving the church today, and the prayers provide additional reflections based on that day's theme.

"The Advent of Glory" is a great devotional for Christians who want to delve into many different aspects of the Christmas story, along with Old Testament themes. This book includes heart-stirring meditations on the gospel and encouragements for faithful Christian living, and it will appeal to fans of R.C. Sproul and to people who are new to his work.

Note: I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


“An Advent to return to each year!”

This Christmas devotional contains 24 daily devotions (5 min read), a thought-provoking application question, and a prayer by various authors, including Tim Challies, and Joni Eareckson Tada. Perfect for personal devotion or with your spouse.

The daily study is brief, but Sproul treads into the depths of the details of the first Christmas story with a focus on one key word, such as virgin redeemed, Bethlehem, David, holy…

I was looking for an Advent devotional that I could return to, and this is it.


“Will bring the reader a deeper understanding”

R C Sproul was a much respected Bible teacher, writer and broadcaster whose legacy lives on in the work of Ligonier Ministries that he founded, with the aim of helping people to grow in their knowledge of God.
This is a lovely devotional specifically for the 24 days of Advent, with the chapters taken from a series of sermons that he gave, and edited into this format by his wife. Each study is based on a key word, taking the reader through a different part of the Christmas story, offering insight into its true meaning and how it can be applied personally.
The teaching brings the Christmas story alive, explaining many significant facts from the Gospel accounts, offering the reader an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the events and their meaning to us now.
Each chapter is maybe 5 to 10 minutes to read, digest and offers a chance to consider the significance of the Christmas story to our lives now.
At the end of each chapter is a prayer, with each one being written by one of six well-known authors and teachers, enabling the reader to let the topic permeate the soul more deeply.
Reading this each day of Advent will certainly bring the reader a deeper understanding and knowledge of the relevance of the birth of Christ.

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