The Boy Who Shared His Sandwich

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An engaging retelling of the feeding of the 5,000 that helps young children discover how Jesus gives life that lasts for ever, not just for now!
Comes with free download of presentation slides for toddler group and Sunday school read-throughs.

Part of the Little Me, Big God series.

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Thousands of people came to Jesus—and they were all hungry. But one boy had a sandwich to share. So Jesus prayed and then shared the sandwich with the huge, hungry crowd. Everyone was amazed and wanted him to be King.

But Jesus said, "You're just thinking about getting your dinner, which is all finished now. I've come to give you something that's never finished and always enough!"

In this engaging retelling of the feeding of the 5,000 from John 6 v 5-35, young children discover how Jesus gives life that lasts for ever, not just for now!

Notes for parents at the back help explain what Jesus says about himself in John 6 v 26-27 and 35.

Part of the Little Me, Big God series of storybooks for pre-schoolers. These books are ideal to give away at church toddler groups and for use in children's ministry.

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  • Story: The Boy Who Shared His Sandwich
  • Notes for Parents

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Age range: 2 - 4
Author Steph Williams
ISBN 9781784985837
Format Paperback
First published February 2021
Dimensions 170mm x 170mm x 3mm
Language English
Pages 24
Publisher The Good Book Company
Independent reviews

"Bible stories written for little ones to understand"

Monica Huyser, February 3rd 2021

This book is aimed at pre-school children from ages two to four years old. The illustrations are cute and the story is told in a simple, modern way. The message of the Bible is clear and easy to understand for this young age group without losing the importance of the message.... continue reading


"the best picture book version of this story that I have ever read"

Bethany Davidson, February 1st 2021

This book is simple and easy for children to understand, while still being faithful to the nuances of the biblical story. It focuses on the true message of Jesus’s miracle, instead of treating it as an end to itself, and this can start great conversations with slightly older children.... continue reading


Jesus is God and the Gift

Aaron Lee, February 22nd 2021

Based on John 6:5-35, this children’s retelling of the story is simple yet profound. While we marvel at the miracle, Jesus says that he will give us more than food – he will give us his own life to pay for our sins. We can have eternal life with him in Heaven.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“Sweet book with a great message!”

The book is teeny tiny, and quite flimsy, but the story is put in a lovely and accessible way, and the illustrations are brilliant!


“Love this!”

Lovely little book, beautifully illustrated and a simple but faithful telling of John 6:5-35. My three year old is a big fan.

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The Boy Who Shared His Sandwich | Steph Williams | $5.99