Investing for Life

Applying sound investment principles to our spiritual lives

Ben Stone
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Apply six financial investment criteria to the person who stands at the centre of the Christian faith: Jesus Christ.

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We spend much of our lives analysing the potential of different investment opportunities. Rarely, if ever, do we apply these same rigorous analytical skills to the investment that claims to be the greatest opportunity ever: the Christian faith and its offer of eternal life.

Warren Buffett – the giant of the investment world – uses the same six criteria to analyse every investment opportunity. In this short booklet, we apply these six criteria to the person who stands at the centre of the Christian faith: Jesus Christ.

Is Jesus simply an outdated and irrelevant part of our life’s portfolio, or could He be the investment opportunity that pays dividends for all eternity? Ideal for friends and colleagues in the business world.

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  • Warren Buffett's Six Unchanging Investment Criteria
  • 1. The investment must be plain, simple and understandable
  • 2. Management must be rational and trustworthy
  • 3. Management must be frank and candid with its investors
  • 4. Management must resist institutions that resist
  • 5. The investment must have attractive long-term prospects
  • 6. The investment must have a consistent operating record

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Author Ben Stone
ISBN 9781904889052
Format Pamphlet
Dimensions 105mm x 148mm x 2mm
Language English
Pages 16
Publisher The Good Book Company
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“Excellent idea, well done - perfect for recession times”

A great little tract, reasonably meaty, interesting idea, and well executed.

Enough content to turn it into a talk,and then to give the booklet away afterwards.

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