The Soul-Winning Church

Six Keys to Fostering a Genuine Evangelistic Culture

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Discover how your church can be truly excited about evangelism and reach out effectively.

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Your church's sermons often include a call to evangelise. You've held evangelism training events. You give out invites to your Christmas and Easter services. So… where are all the new Christians? Is your church actually reaching the lost with the gospel?

For many of us, despite having the best intentions, our churches struggle to reach out with the gospel effectively. J.A. Medders and Dr. Doug Logan, Jr. have decades of experience in leading churches and mentoring pastors, and here they outline six principles for cultivating a genuine evangelistic culture throughout your church. 

Includes case studies from a variety of different cultures and contexts to give you practical ideas for implementing these six principles.

There are also free resources available, including a podcast series, that will help church leaders to implement the principles they learn in the book. 

Foreword from Paul Tripp.

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  • Foreword by Paul D. Tripp


    1. Where the Harvest Begins: Pray for Conversions
    2. Before You Say, "Go and Share Your Faith": The Posture of an Evangelistic Church
    3. Salt and Light: Preparing for Conversions
    4. Telling People Jesus Is Awesome: Personal Evangelism
    5. Six Questions: Preaching and Teaching for Conversions
    6. The Beginning, Not the End: A Process for New Converts


    Putting the Principles into Practice: Case Studies



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Contributors J.A. Medders, Doug Logan Jr., Paul David Tripp
ISBN 9781802541151
Format Paperback
First published August 2024
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 13mm
Weight 0.20 kg
Language English
Pages 176
Publisher The Good Book Company

Rory Shiner

Senior Pastor, Providence City Church, Perth, Australia

Church life is busy, and church leaders have seemingly infinite demands placed upon their finite time and energy. Being told you need to shoehorn in yet another programme or make space for yet another course can be deflating. In The Soul-Winning Church, authors J.A. Medders and Doug Logan don’t hit us with another thing to bolt onto church life. Rather, they outline a sensible, achievable, and attractive process by which to cultivate a genuine evangelistic culture in a church community. Reading and applying this book to a local congregation would do a power of good.

Rico Tice

Founder, Christianity Explored Ministries

I think this will become the key book on mobilising the local church for evangelism in the English-speaking Western world over the next ten years. It’s short (I read it in one sitting). It’s crystal clear on the essential stepping stones we need in place for an evangelistic culture in the church. It’s realistic about the difficulties as we seek to mobilise the church and individuals. And it’s clear that Christ is the treasure we hold out. The authors have spent decades getting their theology and practice clear—we need to take advantage of their hard-won wisdom.

Jen Oshman

Author, Enough About Me

I love the tone of this book! It’s hopeful, inspiring, and so practical. Evangelism can cause fear in the heart of every Christian, but this book provides motivation and joy, not guilt or shame. The biblical wisdom and tangible application offered on these pages will—if you let them—change your approach to evangelism, the culture in your church, and maybe even your city, if the Lord allows. May God use this book, and may he use us!

Customer reviews

20 Jul 2024

“good principles but not necessarily practical for implementation”

I think every single church has dealt with disappointment or failed expectations in relation to evangelism. This book goes through several principles that allow a church to develop a culture of people who love and enjoy sharing the Gospel.

The book is structured with an introduction, six chapters, conclusion, and multiple appendices. The chapters discuss in length and detail Medders & Logan's principles for sharing the Gospel as a church. A few include:

- Where the Harvest Begins

- Salt and Light

- The Beginning, not the End

Although these principles are biblical and it's easy to read a book that gives you advice and tips, it's a completely different story to implement those ideals. It's a lot of work and takes an army of people to change an entire culture of a church. I feel like this reality is missing from the book. Changing a church culture starts with prayer and touching the hearts of its people. That's a huge task but definitely not one that God can't handle.

They do include an appendix that touches on putting the principles into practice. This delves into my frustration noted in the previous paragraph.

They also include two additional appendices: A Liturgy for the Lost and Areas to Cover with New Believers.

The concept and principles discussed throughout the book are good and beautiful, but I struggle with the step by step processes presented in books when the Gospel is powerful and unique in every single church and life.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review in exchange for an honest review.

16 Jul 2024

“Timely Resource!”

"The Soul Winning Church" by J.A. Medders and Doug Logan, Jr. is an inspiring book for the next generation of Christians. It focuses on biblical teachings and principles, providing clear guidance for church outreach. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, "Don't give the lost more of the world when they come to church—give them God, give them gospel." This book is a must-have for Christians dedicated to growing their church and spreading their message.

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