God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook

By Carl Laferton, illustrated by Jennifer Davison
from 34 reviews

92 foundational Bible stories, faithfully told and beautifully illustrated, which point to the one big story of the Bible—God making and keeping his promises.

Part of the God's Big Promises series.

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Watch children discover God’s big promises and how Jesus keeps every one of them!

Features include:
• 92 faithfully-told stories from the Old & New Testaments
• Simple, memorable language for small children
• 400+ pages filled with vibrant, illustrations
• Bright icons trace 5 themes of God’s promises throughout Scripture

God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook contains both familiar stories, such as Noah & the ark, David & Goliath, and Daniel & the lions’ den, and lesser-known stories such as Jacob & Esau and Simeon & Anna.

Together, these 92 theologically faithful stories point to the one big story of the Bible: God making and keeping his promises to redeem his people.

Bright, icons indicate which stories relate to a promise made or a promise kept within 5 distinct themes:
• Rescue
• People
• Land
• Joy
• King

It is the perfect first Bible to introduce a child to the stories of the Bible and the promise-keeping God who loves them. It also provides a trusted starting point for children to cultivate a lifelong love of God’s word.

Written by Carl Laferton, author of the best-selling and award-winning, The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross and the award-winning The God Contest.

It makes a great gift as well as being a useful church resource for preschoolers / kindergarten children.

An Advent calendar, Christmas sticker book and a sticker and activity book based on the heroes of the Bible are also available for purchase.

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  • The Old Testament
    1. In the Beginning
    2. In the Garden
    3. The Snake and the Tree
    4. Out of the Garden
    5. Noah Builds an Ark
    6. The First Rainbow
    7. The Tall Tower
    8. God’s Promises to Abram
    9. Stars in the Sky
    10. A Baby at Last
    11. Jacob’s Sneaky Trick
    12. Jacob’s Special Dream
    13. Joseph in Trouble
    14. Joseph and the King of Egypt
    15. Joseph Meets His Brothers
    16. A Baby in the River
    17. Moses and the Burning Bush
    18. Let My People Go!
    19. The Rescue from Egypt
    20. A Path through the Sea
    21. God’s Commands
    22. God’s Tent
    23. Making a Not-God
    24. Joshua, Caleb, and the Explorers
    25. Moses Sees the Land
    26. Rahab and the Explorers
    27. The Walls of Jericho
    28. Joshua Says Goodbye
    29. Deborah, Barak, and the Big Battle
    30. Samson Saves the Israelites
    31. Ruth Finds a Family
    32. Hannah’s Special Son
    33. We Want a King!
    34. God Chooses a King
    35. David and Goliath
    36. A King Forever
    37. King Solomon
    38. Things Go Very Wrong
    39. Elijah and the Fire
    40. A King Is Coming
    41. Jonah and the Big Fish
    42. Out of the Land
    43. Daniel in the Lions’ Den
    44. Esther the Brave Queen
    45. Back in the Land Again
    The New Testament
    46. An Angel Visits Mary
    47. The Angel Speaks to Joseph
    48. Mary’s Thank-You Song
    49. Jesus Is Born
    50. Simeon and Anna Meet Jesus
    51. Wise Men Arrive
    52. Jesus Escapes
    53. The Baptism of Jesus
    54. Jesus in the Desert
    55. Jesus Chooses His Friends
    56. Get Up!
    57. A Dead Man Lives
    58. John the Baptist’s Question
    59. Jesus and the Storm
    60. Come Out of Him!
    61. Jesus Raises a Dead Girl to Life
    62. Buried Treasure
    63. Jesus Feeds the Crowds
    64. Who Do You Say I Am?
    65. Jesus on the Mountain
    66. The Good Samaritan
    67. Jesus Teaches His Friends to Pray
    68. The Good Shepherd
    69. The Life After This One
    70. The Religious Leader and the Tax Collector
    71. Jesus and the Little Children
    72. Zacchaeus Welcomes Jesus
    73. The King on the Donkey
    74. Jesus at the Temple
    75. A New Special Meal
    76. Praying in a Garden
    77. The King and the Thief
    78. Jesus Is Alive!
    79. The Strange Stranger
    80. Thomas Changes His Mind
    81. Jesus Goes to Heaven
    82. The Holy Spirit Arrives
    83. The First Church
    84. Philip and the Ethiopian
    85. The Road to Damascus
    86. The One Who Keeps God’s Promises
    87. Jesus’ Friends in Philippi
    88. Paul in Jerusalem and Rome
    89. Paul’s Letters
    90. More Letters
    91. What Heaven Is Like
    92. I Am Coming Soon


Age range: 2+
Contributors Carl Laferton, Jennifer Davison
ISBN 9781784988128
Format Hardback
First published September 2023
Dimensions 155mm x 190mm x 32mm
Weight 0.93 kg
Language English
Pages 416
Publisher The Good Book Company

Jen Wilkin

Author, None Like Him and Women of the Word

Christian parents, rejoice! God’s Big Promises faithfully tells the big story of the Bible with theological and pastoral care, offering both parent and child a clear and vivid view of the most important storyline ever crafted. Here is the truest and most beautiful story, both simple and profound, a priceless treasure to be passed from one generation to the next.

Ed Drew

Ministry Director, Faith in Kids; Author, Raising Confident Kids

Vivid colours, engaging retelling and the old old story of the Lord's promises. It's a great mix for every young child. Read this over and over again at home, in Sunday School and any other opportunity!

Keith and Kristyn Getty

Hymnwriters; Authors, Sing!

There is no greater goal for parents or grandparents than to capture their kids’ minds and imaginations with the story of the Bible. This storybook Bible does just that, and we are thrilled that Carl and Jen have combined their skills to bring it to families everywhere.

Customer reviews

25 Apr 2024


Mr. Laferton’s Bible storybook seems to draw you to it. The hard cover is so bright and colorful. The character people look so pleasant and happy.

Every page has drawings on it from Jennifer Davison. There’s no overwhelming amount of text to read on each page, which is perfect for little people with short attention spans.

The gospel message is given throughout the book. Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection story is in place, as well as people like Paul or Peter that share the good news about Jesus to others who then believe and get baptized.

God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook is specifically designed to highlight the promises that God has made, and the promises that God has kept. Special icons on the page edge gives you a quick view of the promise category that Mr. Laferton has designated.

I would highly recommend this book to any family with young children. It’s easy to read, colorful and engaging to look at, and of course it is based off of God’s Word. This Bible Storybook will help your child learn about God starting at an early age.

I also recommend having this book available in any young children’s Sunday school room, children’s church classroom, homeschool, and/or church nursery.

22 Apr 2024

“Faces are Disney like”

I liked the Easter sticker books very much. Certainly 4 grandchildren 5- 8 enjoyed them. They were pitched just right, but their parents and l did not appreciate the strange looking goggle-eyed characters on most pages in the Bible Book. I returned it. The sticker books were full of activities and there were no pictures of big-eyed characters as in the Bible.

29 Feb 2024

“Wonderful Bible Storybook for little ones!”

God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook has 45 stories from the Old Testament and 47 stories from the New Testament for 92 stories in all. The illustrations are vibrant, detailed, and engaging. Lots of colors and pictures on each page to delight the reader. The font is simple for young readers. Each story lists the corresponding Scripture right under the title.

I think what makes this Bible Storybook unique and different from any others I’ve come across are the “Promise Paths” throughout the book.

There are 6 paths and they are:
To rescue
About his people
About a good land to live in
That he will bring JOY —happiness
About a king
One big story in 20 stories

Each of these paths is color coded with corresponding emblems found throughout the book. These emblems that are shaded in the middle when God makes a promise and the shaded part turns white on the emblem when God keeps a promise.

This is a Bible storybook so expect the language to be as such. There are some direct quotes from Scripture, but this is obviously not Scripture. Yet I still think Bible storybooks have their place with discipling our children. This book would be great for younger kids, ages 1-6. My children are on the older end of this, but still enjoy reading through the stories and looking at the beautiful illustrations.

29 Feb 2024

“A Fun Foundation for Bible Literacy”

I received God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook compliments of The Good Book Company in exchange for my honest review.

God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook is a storybook Bible for young children written by Carl Laferton. My family has been greatly blessed by Laferton’s children’s book, The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross and when I saw that he was releasing a children’s Bible, I couldn’t wait to read it! God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook is for children ages 2-6 and my 5 year old really enjoys it! The illustrations are vibrant which helps keep children engaged.

Each story is brief and communicates deep truths in a way that is understandable to young readers. Sometimes family discipleship time feels defeating because my children struggle to pay attention so I greatly appreciate the brevity of each story. The intro of the Bible includes symbols to help children recognize when God makes promises throughout the story of Scripture and when He keeps promises. Many of the stories contain the symbols. This is a unique attribute of God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook that I appreciate because it helps little ones begin to make whole Bible connections.

We are so grateful for God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook and can’t wait to read more by Carl Laferton!

4 Feb 2024

“Glad to have found it”

We were looking for a kid’s Bible focused on the gospel, that shows how the Old Testament speaks of Jesus (John 5:39-40).This Bible has been great for that. The emphasis on God making promises and fulfilling them has allowed us to use it to point our 16 month old daughter to Christ as God’s ultimate fulfilment of these promises!

5 Jan 2024

“A God who makes & keeps his promises!”

If you are looking for a beginner's Bible for kids ages 2 - 5, then definitely consider reading through God's Big Promises Bible Storybook with your family this year!
Speckled through the Bible storybook are symbols representing each time that God makes a promise, as well as highlighted symbols sharing when God kept those promises.

18 Dec 2023

“Highly recommend”

This Bible is engaging, beautifully illustrated, and Biblically accurate. My grandkids have loved it!

12 Dec 2023

“Vibrant and Biblically accurate”

The God’s Big Promises Storybook Bible is illustrated amazingly. The explanations of each Biblical event are told in an age appropriate manner. My children have love reading this each night.

1 Dec 2023

“Beautiful & engaging illustrations”

This book features some of the best illustrations I have ever seen on the pages of a children’s storybook Bible! The colors are vibrant, the facial expressions of the people are genuine, and the full-page use of illustrations strongly engage little kids.

We really love Carl Laferton’s book in the Tales that Tell the Truth Series “The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross” so I was excited about the potential of this work.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the over simplified language and stripping down of important Bible stories. I appreciate the goal to create a resource accessible to kids, but I believe it was done to an unnecessary degree.

I personally would only use this resource up to about 2-3yo, letting the kids enjoy the beautiful pictures as they build their own imaginative skills. Beyond that age I would look to other resources or the Bible itself.

28 Nov 2023

“Amazing book”

Absolutely stunning artwork, the stories are written very well for small kids and keep them engaged

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