Seven Reasons to (Re)Consider Christianity

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Examine the evidence for Christianity and why it is worth considering.

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Many people assume that Christianity is simply a nice story for kids, a comforting crutch to lean on, or completely out of touch with modern life.

In this warm, honest book, Ben Shaw invites sceptical readers to think again. He outlines seven reasons why Christianity is worth considering—or reconsidering—not least because it offers some thought-provoking and rational answers to our deepest questions.

Ben Shaw was brought up in a non-Christian home and held many of the common objections to faith himself. He writes with warmth and empathy to encourage readers to investigate the person of Jesus and decide for themselves whether Christianity has credible answers to the meaning of life.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Because It's Worth Thinking Through What Life Is Really All About
  • 2. Because the Christian Faith Is More Intellectually Credible Than You Think
  • 3. Because Christianity Is About Life to the Fullest
  • 4. Because Christianity Gives a Compelling Assessment of What's Wrong With the World
  • 5. Because Jesus Is Arguably the Most Influential Person Who Has Ever Lived
  • 6. Because the Death of Jesus Is Actually Surprisingly Good News for You
  • 7. Because If Jesus Really Did Rise From the Dead, Then It Confirms Everything
  • What Next?

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Author Ben Shaw
ISBN 9781784986346
Format Paperback
First published May 2021
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 12mm
Language English
Pages 144
Publisher The Good Book Company

John Dickson

Author and Historian, Distinguished Fellow in Public Christianity, Ridley College, Australia

This is Ben Shaw at his best, doing what he does best: communicating the Christian faith to those who don’t quite know what to make of it. Written for believers and doubters alike, the book is a perfect blend of contrasts: informative and moving, funny and sad, worldly-wise yet pulling no punches about the significance of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Andrew Heard

Senior Minister, EV Church, NSW, Australia

This is a book that connects to real people. Its chapter headings got me in. They’re all the right questions, and Ben gives compelling answers. It’s disarming, thoughtful, warm and hugely relevant.

Phillip Jensen

Founder, Two Ways to Live Ministries

A very personal and personable case for the open-minded to consider or reconsider the claims of Christ. It’s easy to pick up and hard to put down. Enjoy the challenge to think again.

Independent reviews

"A helpful book to give to friends and family with doubts and questions about Christianity"

Andy Cassler, May 10th 2021

Shaw notes that he first began to think about God and the Bible after the death of his mother over four decades ago, and his curiosity gave way to finding intellectually and spiritually satisfying answers to life’s biggest questions. Shaw covers existential questions, historical questions, and theological questions while providing practical, digestible answers for readers.... continue reading


See for Yourself

Aaron Lee, May 11th 2021

Shaw explains that Jesus is the most influential person in history by looking at his words of conviction, words of controversy, his conduct, and miracles. Shaw ultimately invites his readers to pick up one of the Gospels and see for themselves.... continue reading


"This is a great little book! Fun and easy to read."

Craig Green, May 19th 2021

We all have family members, friends, colleagues & neighbours who are sceptical about Jesus and the Christian faith, right? If so, this concise & informative book by Ben Shaw may be a useful ally.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“A good book to give to anyone willing to think about the Christian message”

I've just finished reading through this book with a view to possibly buying multiple copies to give away in conjunction with some evangelistic outreach from our church. For anyone who is willing to spend some time thinking through the claims of Christianity (whether for the first time or after a long-forgotten Christian upbringing perhaps), I reckon this would be a helpful starting point, combined with the offer to meet up afterwards and discuss any questions that it might prompt. It's a very readable and accessible book, written, I think, in an engaging style suited to people who are genuinely interested in (re-)examining the Christian faith but who don't want to read something too long or heavy.
For me there were just a few minor negatives (although certainly not show-stoppers!):
A few typos have made it through the proof-reading net (p20, p94, p112);
The author (wrongly in my view) plumps for a late-date Exodus (p33); and
In the retelling of Jesus' miracle of turning water into wine (on p56), despite John 2:6 clearly stating that there were 6 water jars, the author tells us there were 7!

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Seven Reasons to (Re)Consider Christianity | Ben Shaw | $16.99