Teach Me To Feel

Worshiping Through the Psalms in Every Season of Life

Meditations on the Psalms helping women to express their feelings and grow in their faith.

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Meditations on the Psalms helping women to express their feelings and grow in their faith.

Many of us suppress our feelings because we’re worried they are ungodly. Others of us are so led by our emotions that we let them dominate everything, including our faith.

In these honest, personal and uplifting meditations on 24 selected psalms, Courtney Reissig looks at emotions we all experience, ranging from shame, anxiety, and anger through to gratitude, hope, and joy. For each, she shows how the psalms give us permission to acknowledge how we feel before God, and how they can help us to use those feelings productively and faithfully.

This inspiring book will give women a language to cry out to God in order to help them process their feelings, as well as help them to grow in their faith. Can be used as a daily devotion.

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  • Introduction: How a Familiar Psalm Helped Me in My Fear
  • Includes Chapters For When You Feel…
  • Let down (Ps. 55)
  • Forgotten by God (Ps. 22)
  • Worthless (Ps. 8)
  • Grief (Ps. 31)
  • Envy (Ps. 73)
  • Anxious (Ps. 13)
  • Stuck Spiritually (Ps. 119)
  • Content (Ps. 131)
  • Grateful (Ps. 103)
  • Forgiven (Ps. 32)
  • Hopeful (Ps. 84)


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Author Courtney Reissig
ISBN 9781784984441
Format Hardback
First published January 2020
Dimensions 135mm x 216mm x 16.3mm
Language English
Pages 256
Publisher The Good Book Company

Today, we are told that "emotional intelligence" is essential for proper functioning in our personal and work lives. But can we rely on it? Courtney presents her readers with the richest possible source through which we may interpret and manage our feelings—namely, the psalms. Courtney helps us to praise and pray the psalms in the ups and downs of our own everyday experience now and through to the New Creation. Whether praising God or challenging sin, each chapter is a balm for the soul. I would have happily worked through another dozen psalms with Courtney!

Leni-Jo McMillan

Women's Network and Training, City Bible Forum, Perth, Australia

I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my emotions. I have suppressed them in shame, or I have let them loose with reckless abandon. Neither approach has served me well. This is why I appreciate Courtney Reissig’s newest offering, Teach Me How to Feel. Through her own wrestle with emotions, she points us to the place where the Lord taught her how to feel them—the Psalms. I found great comfort in her words and the insight she brings to these ancient songs. There’s nothing like a friend—modern or ancient—to tell us, “I’ve been there too.”

Lauren Chandler

Author, Steadfast Love and Goodbye to Goodbyes; Songwriter

This book comforted, encouraged and taught me so much. It had the rare quality of making me reach for my Bible, and I read each chapter with the Psalms open alongside. Courtney Reissig gives us keen insights learned through her own personal suffering, so her words are poetic: laden with meaning yet grounded in reality.

Linda Allcock

The Globe Church, London

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Teach Me To Feel | Courtney Reissig | $22.99