The most misapplied verse in the Bible?

Steven Lawson | February 28th 2017

Could one of the most-read verses in the Bible also win the title of being the most misapplied and misunderstood?... continue reading


The Reformation in 60 Seconds

Lee Gatiss | January 12th 2017

In 2017 Christians around the world will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. No idea what that is? Here’s a one-minute introduction to help you look like you know what they’re talking about... continue reading


How I found freedom from gender confusion (Part 2)

The Good Book Company | October 13th 2016

The second part of an anonymous testimony published in conjunction with the release of Vaughan Roberts’ new book, Transgender... continue reading


How I found freedom from gender confusion (Part 1)

The Good Book Company | October 12th 2016

One crossdresser shares his story of how meeting Jesus Christ changed everything... continue reading


Three ways to help your kids say sorry and mean it

Dai Hankey | September 13th 2016

How often do we settle for 'behaviour modification' instead of ‘heart transformation'?... continue reading


Happy 25th Birthday The Good Book Company!

Phil Grout | July 12th 2016

A video celebrating 25 years of The Good Book Company... continue reading


Something for the Weekend: 28th May

Euan Wallace | May 27th 2016

A collection of our favourite online things this week.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter O

Euan Wallace | May 27th 2016

O, O, O, how good is the Lord…... continue reading


Grassroots: Toddler-group outreach in Dagenham

Hannah Newham | May 26th 2016

How one children's worker adapted Wonderfully Made to reach out to a toddler group with lots of internationals.

... continue reading


Prayer makes a difference—even when God says “no”

Anne Woodcock | May 25th 2016

Paul knew what it’s like to ask God for something and not get it.... continue reading

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