Be True to Yourself

Why it doesn't mean what you think it does (and how that can make you happy)

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Hear what the Bible says about how to be true to yourself.

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Our culture tells us that the way to be happy is to "be true to yourself". It’s posted on social media, promoted in adverts, taught in schools and, even, expressed in churches. But what does that mean, and does it actually work?

Matt Fuller explores how true happiness, wholeness and freedom can be found not by turning inwards and listening to our fluctuating feelings, but by listening to our creator and allowing ourselves to be shaped by who the Bible says we are. In the process, this book draws on a broad range of fascinating research and examples to give us a fresh biblical take on some of today's biggest hot-button issues.

By cutting through the confusion and showing us what the Bible says, this is a book to help every Christian live with confidence in today's culture.

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  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Finding the real you
  • 1. To Thine Own Self Be True
  • 2. Finding ourselves in reflecting God
  • 3. Finding ourselves in knowing others
  • 4. Finding ourselves in seeing Christ
  • Part 2: How to be true to the real you
  • 5. Identity: Certainty > self-creation
  • 6. Gender and sexuality: How should I define myself?
  • 7. Sex: The hunger of self-gratification?
  • 8. Relationships: Deny yourself to find yourself
  • 9. Community: There can be no losers in church
  • 10. Online: True to selfie in a virtual world
  • 11. I'm not the Messiah… (but I want to become like him)

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Contributors Matt Fuller
ISBN 9781784982911
Format Paperback
First published January 2020
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 12mm
Language English
Pages 192
Publisher The Good Book Company

Stephen McAlpine

City Bible Forum

This pithy and culturally incisive book is a must-read for Christians of all ages. Matt Fuller’s theological, biblical and pastoral insights offer a life-giving alternative to a culture that is over-promising and under-delivering.

Ray Galea

Lead Pastor, Multicultural Bible Ministry

Matt Fuller has the ability to tap into our culture and our hearts, and then let the word of God and the grace of God expose, reorient, guide and comfort us with tremendously helpful insights. But you know a book is good when you want to side with Jesus because you’re persuaded again that his way is the best way.

Paul Dale

Senior Pastor, Church by the Bridge, Kirribilli, Sydney

An extraordinarily important book! Matt so helpfully tackles many of the lies of our current society and shines the truth of God’s word in a compelling, concise and captivating way. A must-read for people in our church today.

Customer reviews


“A wonderfully clear analysis of the gospel of our age.”

A wonderfully clear analysis of the gospel of our age. A loving rebuke to the message that has saturated our culture. It's a warm. winsome reminder that "our true identity is given to us, not created by us" And that "we need to recognise that the world does not revolve around us. It revolves around Jesus. Yet in him we will find a contentment and purpose far grander than we could on our own"
I didn't know how much I needed to read this book until I read it. It has helped me see more clearly the false claims of the gospel of self and how wonderful the true gospel is. I will be reading it again.


“Who am I anyway ?”

A really encouraging and challenging book where we are encouraged to think deeply about who we really are (not who we think we are) and where we are challenged to realise the real meaning of being 'made in the image of God'

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Be True to Yourself | Matt Fuller | $17.99