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Live, Grow, Know is a course that helps everyone in your church get going, get growing and go deeper. It has been developed and presented by internationally renowned speaker, evangelist and author of 'Out of the saltsjaker', Becky Manley Pippert.  It has three five-session parts, each with a DVD and Handbook.

Live covers the basics of the gospel, what the Christian life is like and how we remain in Christ. 

Grow looks at Christian Living, showing what God's plan for us is, and how church, prayer, Bible reading and evangelism fit into that. 

Know solidifies key doctrines of the Christian faith, going on a rapid ride through eternity past, creation, the fall, redemption and Christ's future return.

Every copy of the DVD contains a password giving you access to a free leader's guide and video content on the 'Live, Grow, Know' website.


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