Friday Quiz: The Letter L

Rachel Jones | October 19th 2018

Take on the ultimate Bible knowledge quiz and see if you can be crowned Bible Genius!... continue reading


8 steps in Psalm 51 for real repentance

Catherine Parks | October 19th 2018

My brother and I had a childhood ritual of asking one another’s forgiveness for a laundry list of vague sins from our beds each night. I would lie there after the lights were out, look across the hall to his own open door, and let my voice carry my contrition to his sleepy hearing.... continue reading


How can we say ‘I’ll pray for you!’ and mean it?

Peter Anderson | October 17th 2018

Recently, we caught up with the creator of the PrayerMate app, Andy Geers, to talk about prayer, how he’s working to help others pray more and better, and—since we recently showed him a copy of 5 Things to Pray for Your City—to ask what he’s praying at the moment for the big city he calls home.... continue reading


Answering Children's Questions at Halloween

Alison Mitchell | October 16th 2018

Some thoughts on how we can use children's questions about halloween to point them to the wonderful truth about Christ.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter K

Rachel Jones | October 12th 2018

Our famous Bible quiz returns. This time we're quizzing you on the letter K in the bible. Have you got the knowledge to come in top spot this week?... continue reading


Need a Mum? Buy one for £40 an hour

Catherine Parks | October 11th 2018

I have my mom on speed dial for emergency cooking questions, but there are many days when I wish she could be in my kitchen, demonstrating how to fold egg whites into my waffle batter.... continue reading


How often do you pray for your city?

Timothy Keller | October 9th 2018

Urban churches have the world on our doorstep. But if we want to see God work in our cities and through our churches, we need to pray... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The Letter J

Rachel Jones | October 5th 2018

Take on our legendary Bible trivia quiz and see if you can claim that Bible genius title...... continue reading


An interview on Christmas evangelism with Rico Tice

Rico Tice | October 2nd 2018

In this interview, Rico Tice reveals how he overcomes the challenges of personal evangelism, his most encouraging evangelistic moments and why Christmas evangelism is so vital. ... continue reading


Why are all my friendships so shallow?

Catherine Parks | October 2nd 2018

It was my first time at this church's Bible study and I was sitting with a group of strangers, listening to them talk and pray for each other, when it hit me: I didn’t have many real friendships.... continue reading

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