Sneak Peek: Books Releasing Soon

Bethany McIlrath | July 22nd 2021

While we’re excited for holidays and a slower pace this summer, we’re also looking forward to autumn. There are so many books releasing soon that we can’t wait to share with you. Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come.... continue reading

Is Grace a Licence to Sin? (Lessons from the Life of Bonhoeffer)

Michael Jensen | July 20th 2021

A powerful answer to this question can be found in the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was martyred for his faith. He begins his book, The Cost of Discipleship, with a chapter entitled “Costly Grace”. Costly grace is to be understood in part by contrasting it with what he called “cheap grace”. But what can this mean, since God’s grace is supposed to be free?... continue reading

On the Podcast with Tim Thornborough: Celebrating 30 Years of The Good Book Company

Tim Thornborough | July 16th 2021

It's our 30th anniversary! Joining us on the podcast this time is the founder of The Good Book Company himself, Tim Thornborough.... continue reading


Unchanging Truths from God's Word

Michael Page | July 15th 2021

The Bible encourages and reminds God’s people about who he is and why we can trust him. It helps us to have confidence when we are feeling uncertain about our circumstances or anxious about the future.

As we celebrate 30 years of opening up the Bible, we asked some of our staff to share an unchanging truth from God's word that is particularly precious to them, which they come back to again and again for encouragement.... continue reading

In a world of constant change, one thing remains stable

Rachel Jones | July 12th 2021

Sometimes, change bewilders us. To begin with it was hard remembering a mask every time we set foot outside our front doors. Now it is second nature. But, if we’re honest, many of us fear what’s changing next and how we’ll adapt. That’s why it’s as vital as ever that we remember and celebrate this simple truth: the word of God does not change. It is always true, always good, always relevant to our lives. What a comfort that is!... continue reading

How Do I Keep A Feeling of Contentment?

Jennie Pollock | July 8th 2021

They’re few and far between, aren’t they, those days of transcendent joy? You’ve probably experienced a few of them in your life—when the guy you liked finally noticed you; when you got accepted to the college you’d been dreaming of; when you slept well, woke up late and knew the vacation was just beginning. But a life can’t all be highlights, and I’m sure you’ve had more than one moment of wondering, “How do I keep a feeling of contentment on the ordinary days, let alone the difficult days?”... continue reading

The Power of a Simple Story

Dan DeWitt | July 6th 2021

Powerful stories speak to a universal need and point to eternal truths. That’s why the stories in the Bible, above all stories, have perennial appeal. Even epic stories outside the Bible that garner massive attention often do so through redemptive themes that only make sense from a Christian perspective.... continue reading

Helping New Christians Start a Life of Faith

Gary Millar | July 1st 2021

It was both a thrill and a very strange feeling to be asked to lead a group of new Christians (or “almost Christians”) through Need to Know (NTK). After years of wanting a resource to help people who have recently become Christians (or for whom the gospel had recently started to make sense and grip them), now the rubber had finally hit the road!... continue reading

The Church Isn’t Closed For Summer

Bethany McIlrath | June 29th 2021

As summer gets into full swing, many churches offer fewer events like Bible studies and weekly kids’ programs. This is just part of the busy season of vacations, weddings, grad parties, and more. But, the Church itself doesn’t close for summer. God’s still working in and through his people. Many are still in need of the gospel. Fellowship is as valuable as ever (even if it takes place in gardens for a time). ... continue reading

Don’t Forget To Rest

Adam Mabry | June 24th 2021

I can relate to exiled Israel, who quickly forget about God’s command to keep the Sabbath. Maybe you can, too. It’s so easy to let go of the rhythm of rest, forget all that rest is meant to help us remember, let loose a flood of issues, and by that stage be so far into forgetfulness that we wonder where all these issues came from and how on earth we might turn the tide.... continue reading

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