Friday Quiz: Hannah

Eleanor Dell | February 16th 2018

Today's quiz is about Hannah, the mother of Samuel. Have you got what it takes to be a Bible Genius this week?... continue reading


Discipleship Explored Stories: Meet Simo

Barry Cooper | February 16th 2018

Simo and his wife used to cycle round the region, leaving evangelistic tracts at cross roads and even in the mouths of caves used by smugglers to evade the Albanian-Yugoslav border guards.... continue reading


Things women wish you wouldn't say in church

Eleanor Dell | February 14th 2018

Today we’re sharing moments or things that are said in church life that have made women cringe.... continue reading


Pastors: 4 ways to celebrate women in your church

Eleanor Dell | February 13th 2018

How to celebrate and honor the women in your churches, by the women in your churches... ... continue reading


Women & God: Your Thoughts and Views

Joe Henegan | February 13th 2018

To coincide with the release of Women & God: Hard Questions, Beautiful Truth by Kathleen Nielson, we surveyed 1,500 women anonymously on how they feel about their role in church and family life, and their reaction to some of the Bible's teaching on equality, diversity, leadership and gender roles.... continue reading


3 theologically correct Valentine's Day Cards

Tim Thornborough | February 12th 2018

For all you Bible-loving men and women out there, here are three theologically correct alternatives to shop-bought Valentine's Day cards.... continue reading


Discipleship Explored Stories: Meet Lenny

Barry Cooper | February 9th 2018

I ended up in a courtroom in Clayton, Missouri, three times, in front of the same judge.... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Gideon

Eleanor Dell | February 9th 2018

Today's quiz is mainly about Gideon. Those keen quizzers among you will notice that we have indeed skipped "F", so there's one bonus "F" question in there for you. Have you got what it takes to be a Bible Genius this week?... continue reading


5 reasons Christians shouldn't be cynical

Dan DeWitt | February 5th 2018

We live in a fallen world, full of fallen people with fallen hearts. So, why shouldn’t we be cynical?... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Esther

Eleanor Dell | February 3rd 2018

Today's quiz is on Esther. Have you got what it takes to be a Bible Genius this week?

 ... continue reading

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