Friday Quiz: Luke

Rachel Jones | June 23rd 2017

The Friday Quiz takes on Luke's Gospel. Will you fluke it to win that Bible Genius title, or will your score be disappointingly lukewarm this week?... continue reading


Five great reasons to skip reading your Bible this summer

Rachel Jones | June 22nd 2017

It's too hot, no one will notice and you're out of routine.... continue reading


Please, please stop asking: “Do you have children?”

Bex Main | June 21st 2017

You’ve just met someone new, at a friend’s house, at the pub, at church. And then they ask the question that you—and many over 30s—dread: “Do you have children?”... continue reading


The danger of personal Bible reading

Tim Thornborough | June 20th 2017

I am so grateful for the encouragement I received as a new Christian to form good habits. To find a time and a place and a method that worked for me to meet with God in his word. ... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Mark

Rachel Jones | June 16th 2017

Put your knowledge of Mark's Gospel to the test with our fun Friday quiz. Do you know enough to get a re-mark-able result, or will you be way off the mark this week?

 ... continue reading


He has done all things well: reflections on losing my dad

Emily Robertson | May 9th 2017

We went against the wishes of my dad to be cremated and instead we had him buried. My mum joked that she hadn’t followed his instructions in life and she wasn’t going to start changing now... continue reading


More meaningful confession: four ways to keep it fresh

Matt Fuller | May 4th 2017

Here are some suggestions for making our times of confession more helpful... continue reading


Four reasons every church service needs a time of confession

Matt Fuller | May 3rd 2017

Here are four reasons why having a corporate confession matters... continue reading


The most misapplied verse in the Bible?

Steven Lawson | February 28th 2017

Could one of the most-read verses in the Bible also win the title of being the most misapplied and misunderstood?... continue reading


The Reformation in 60 Seconds

Lee Gatiss | January 12th 2017

In 2017 Christians around the world will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. No idea what that is? Here’s a one-minute introduction to help you look like you know what they’re talking about... continue reading

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