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Porn: the battle women face

Helen Thorne | 1 Oct 2014

It's a subject that's taboo. A reality that many find shocking. A fact that some would prefer to deny. But the truth is out there: women use porn too.

Accurate statistics are difficult to source but a quick trawl of the web seems to suggest that about a quarter of those who visit internet pornography sites are female. Some pages suggest that up to 60% of women have used porn at some point in their lives. And while we might prefer to think otherwise, it's fairly safe to assume that some of those surfing such sites will be Christians who are confused, ashamed, addicted or desperate. Indeed over the last decade I've had quite a few Christian sisters confide in me - each convinced that they are the only one. Far from being a solely male pastoral issue, porn is something that affects women too and those involved in women's ministry need to be addressing the subject proactively.... continue reading

How to start a women's ministry initiative in your church

Helen Thorne | 23 May 2013

If there isn't a women's ministry initiative in your church at the moment but you have a sneaking suspicion that there could be one in the future, how can you go about setting one up?

Here are our top tips:

1. Pray

Unless the Lord builds the house, the labourers labour in vain.

2. Check your motives

Anger at the minister, frustration at lack of ministry opportunities or a desire to separate from the men are really bad reasons to start a women's ministry initiative! Make sure you are focused on Jesus, his glory and the growth of his Kingdom.... continue reading

What kind of people get involved in women's ministry?

Helen Thorne | 23 May 2013

Women's ministry will only flourish in the local church if women are willing to get involved. And that means giving time to it. And that often means asking people to step out of their comfort zone. But what kind of women can get involved in women's ministry?

The short answer to that question is: any woman who believes in Jesus!

But the slightly longer answer is: any woman to who believes in Jesus and is willing to work in his strength, for his glory and in accordance with the gifts that he has given.... continue reading

What is women's ministry?

Helen Thorne | 23 May 2013

Like most forms of ministry, women's ministry is Jesus-centred. It's all about helping other women to come to Christ and grow in Christ. It's about encouraging people to understand the gospel, respond to the gospel and apply the gospel to every aspect of life. And that happens when women engage with God through his Word and prayer, in the community of the local church. Beyond that - there are many forms that women's ministry can take!... continue reading

Why start a women's ministry in your local church?

Helen Thorne | 22 May 2013

Titus 2 is very clear. Older women are called to spur on the younger women in the Christian community. They are to be role models, encouragers, motivators for those who are less mature - either in calendar years or spiritual years. Women are also called to be part of the great commission, reaching out to their female friends with the message of salvation. There's an exciting mission field on most doorsteps.

And I hope in your church, as in mine, you see evidence of that discipleship and evangelism happening naturally week by week. It's a sign of spiritual health when more mature Christians are getting alongside less mature Christians or non-Christian neighbours, not because they've been asked to but because they love to help others grow. Every church needs women who see a need, pray about the need and then roll up their sleeves to meet that need without any fuss.... continue reading

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