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New Book-Reviewers to Follow in 2024

Abigail Talbott | 28 Nov 2023

We’re looking forward to continuing to partner with book reviewers from all around the world, and to receiving their valuable and honest feedback. If you’re looking for new reads, we think you might enjoy giving them a follow, too.

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Staff Picks: What We Loved Reading in 2023

Avery Powers | 21 Nov 2023

We at TGBC have read dozens of books in the last 12 months, and we’re here to share the ones that made us laugh, cry, and think. Here are the books, both secular and Christian, that our staff loved reading the most.... continue reading

Thoughts on the New Love Your Church Series

J.A. Medders | 20 Jan 2023

The rough and tumble of the last few years have revealed a message Christians cannot hear enough—“Love your church.”... continue reading

Celebrating 2022 Book Awards

Abigail Talbott | 21 Dec 2022

Nearly every Friday, The Good Book Company team gathers virtually together to reflect on the week that has passed. Week after week, we are reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness to us as a company. It’s a reminder, too, that publishing books requires hard work from a lot of people! Everyone, from authors and illustrators to customer service associates and IT specialists, works together to put books into our wonderful customers’ hands. We consider it a joy and a privilege!... continue reading

The Ministry of Book Reviewers

Abigail Talbott | 5 Dec 2022

One of our greatest joys at The Good Book Company is seeing the Lord achieve his purposes through believers all around the world. He’s working through evangelists, translators, church leaders, prayerful grandmothers, and neighborhood block party organizers. He’s also working through the understated ministry of the book reviewer. 

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Michael Page | 27 Jan 2021

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Book review: Why did Jesus have to die?

Helen Thorne | 5 Aug 2014

Over the 25 years since I've become a Christian I've heard quite a few talks on the cross. I've read a few books too. And, as I've worked my way through the pages of Scripture, I've noticed it's a subject that pops up time and time again! In broad brush-strokes, at least, I get what Jesus has done for me. So why, oh why, would I spend 2 hours of my holiday reading a book about the cross from the publishing company that employs me?

The answer is simple. Our Lord's work on the cross isn't something to understand and then move on from - it's the core of our salvation, the foundation of our daily living and our hope for the future. It never gets old, it never gets dull. And that's something, Marcus Nodder author of Why did Jesus have to die? knows very well.

In his eminently readable book - part of the Questions Christians Ask series - Marcus dispels some of the myths around the cross. It's not just a logo or a great sacrifice that inspires us to try harder to live a loving and sacrificial life. Nor is it yet another dying and rising myth circulating in the ancient world. It's the best news imaginable for a lost and hurting world.... continue reading

Book review: I wish Jesus hadn't said that ... But I'm really glad he did

Helen Thorne | 1 Jul 2014

Jesus certainly isn't convenient. All that stuff about denying self, loving enemies, being sacrificially generous, forgiving those who wound us and spreading the gospel across the globe can seriously get in the way of our comfortable lives! So is the Christian life worth all the effort? It certainly is ...

In his easy to read book, Steve Timmis looks at 10 tough calls of Jesus and, in turn, humbly shows why the sacrifice they demand is completely worth it right now and always.

With Bible passages simply explained and illustrations throughout that will simultaneously make you smile and think, this book is a great spur to faithfulness. It encouraged me to take stock of my life in light of Jesus' work, pray and reorientate my priorities - in so many ways. As I went through its pages, my doodles included questions that I wanted to ask myself at a later date:... continue reading

Book review: True Friendship

Steve Jeffery | 8 May 2014

Vaughan Roberts has done it again. Since the publication of Turning Points fifteen years ago, he has been producing a steady stream of books on subjects from biblical theology and worship to godliness and apologetics. Now the tradition continues with his latest offering, True Friendship (10 Publishing, 2013)

Like Vaughan’s other books, True Friendship is insightful, punchy, clear, and biblical. He writes as a Pastor to ordinary people, and it’s hard to imagine anyone struggling to understand what he’s saying. If you can read English, you can read True Friendship.

And yet behind this easy style lies a remarkable depth of theological and pastoral reflection. Vaughan has clearly read widely and deeply on the subject of friendship, and brings us insights from (among others) the 12th-century English monk Aelred of Rievaulx, the 19th-century theologian Hugh Black, and the 20th-century Catholic Priest Henri Nouwen, along with more familiar names such as C. S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer. Vaughan encourages his readers to take time chewing over what he says, and each chapter ends with questions for reflection, making the book ideal for group discussion.... continue reading

Gospel Patrons: People whose generosity changed the world

Rachel Jones | 9 Apr 2014

You may well have heard of William Tyndale, the man who translated the Bible into English in the 16th century, losing his life in the process. But standing behind him, largely unknown, was Henry Monmouth. This was a man who shared Tyndale’s vision, partnered with him and, to put it bluntly, paid the bills. Monmouth put Tyndale up while he worked on his translation, and then used his business connections to smuggle the English Bible around the country. Monmouth is an example of what John Rinehart calls a “Gospel Patron”.

Gospel Patrons are men and women who do not take centre stage of the gospel story, but who play a vital role nonetheless. Rinehart’s book of the same name takes a look at how God has used such people to change the world, and how we can become those kinds of people too.... continue reading

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