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A personal plea to consider (or reconsider) Christianity

Ben Shaw | May 20th 2021

The following open letter is written by Ben Shaw, author of Seven Reasons to (Re)Consider Christianity. Shaw is sharing the heart behind his book, as well as his own story of (re)considering his faith in light of a cancer diagnosis.... continue reading

How can we know that the stories of the Bible are true?

Ben Shaw | May 18th 2021

To say that there’s not enough evidence that the stories in the Bible actually happened is a little unfair. If you applied that same degree of historical assessment to other events in history, you’d have to wipe out virtually everything and everyone we know from the ancient world.... continue reading

Breaking Down Barriers In How We Explain the Gospel

Steph Williams | February 17th 2021

The words we use in our gospel explanations can feel so far removed from everyday conversation. Concepts like sin and punishment are understood less and less, since our postmodern culture has lost the concept of God. These words can be associated with a kind of angry, personal vengeance and a negative self-image.... continue reading

The Rival Gospel of Self

Stephen McAlpine | February 3rd 2021

The cultural ambition is to replicate the kingdom vision of the good life—a future world of human rights, dignity, freedom, love and equality—but all without Jesus at the centre. And, frustratingly for those among us who may wish to see the whole thing come crashing down in order to prove how right we are, this vision appears to be progressing quite well. At least on the surface.... continue reading

Why Does The Good News Sound So Bad These Days?

Stephen McAlpine | February 2nd 2021

You don’t have to look too far on social media, or even mainstream media (or, closer to home, you don’t have to talk for long to colleagues, study partners or family members), to find people who, upon hearing you are a Christian, wrinkle up their noses as if they have caught a whiff of cod liver oil.... continue reading


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