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Encouraging Your Church Family to Serve

Steve Robinson | 11 Jan 2024

Just before Christmas last year I saw a lovely video clip of a young boy sharing with his mum that he had been given the part of “the third door holder" in a Christmas nativity play. The little boy was overjoyed with the role that he had been given to the point that he called it a classic nativity part and celebrated like he had scored a goal.... continue reading

The Church Is A Body And You Need It (And It Needs You)

Barnabas Piper | 26 Oct 2023

We commonly see the word “body” being used to mean a corporate gathering, a collective of people coming together for a cause or purpose, such as a “voting body.” But when we call the church the “body of Christ” we mean much more than this.... continue reading

YOU Are the Church

Catherine Durant | 24 Oct 2023

When it comes to knowing what gift or service we can bring to our churches, we might feel stumped. But the blend of skills, interests, traits and experiences that make up who you are is utterly unique. And just being you, bringing your whole self and offering what you can is enough. In fact, the Bible says it’s more than enough—it’s vital.... continue reading

You're More Qualified to Serve Than You May Think

Steve Robinson | 6 Jul 2023

My instinct is to think that in order to serve God and his people well, I need to bring something to the table. The world will tell us that what we need to do is just to realise how brilliant we really are (or maybe you’re already there—you do think you bring a lot to God’s table). But the Bible says that the answer to feeling too weak or unable to serve is not to try to feel strong...... continue reading

Your Church Culture Matters

Barnabas Piper | 19 Jan 2023

There was a time not so many years ago when I was weary and jaded toward church, but even then, I could have given you a lengthy checklist of what a healthy church should look like.... continue reading

Lessons about Hospitality from the Early Church

Jen Oshman | 17 Jan 2023

2,000 years after the church began, in the increasingly post-Christian West, it’s tempting to wonder if secular voices are right when they claim that Christian churches are passé, on the wrong side of history, or even downright damaging.... continue reading

Your Church Is the Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Be Part Of

Carl Laferton | 16 Jan 2023

Perhaps your church is made up of a few dozen, a few hundred, or a few thousand people, meeting in a school hall or an ancient building or a bespoke auditorium or under a tree. It doesn’t matter how numerous the people or how impressive the building—your church is God’s household, dwelled in by his Spirit, built upon his Son.... continue reading

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