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God's Grace for the New Year

Linda Green | 26 Dec 2023

A New Year is upon us and, for many, it’s a time to make some resolutions. While often these include things such as losing weight or exercising more, many of us recognise our need to be more consistent in Bible meditation, in exercising greater patience with our children, or in volunteering more at church or school. In other words, we set goals to help us accomplish things we know we haven’t been doing very well. While this exercise can help us reflect on ways we might grow in loving God and others, we must beware of focusing on all the things we “should” be doing, while failing to remember all that Christ has done on our behalf. The emphasis then becomes about what I need to do, (in my own strength and wisdom), rather than gratefully acknowledging the gospel grace that is ours through our Saviour Jesus Christ.... continue reading

Beginning Discipleship at an Early Age

Abbey Wedgeworth | 15 Aug 2023

Abbey Wedgeworth, author of the new Training Young Hearts series, shows us how to disciple our children well, and train them up in the love, grace, and truth of God.... continue reading

5 Family Resources for Discipleship at Home

Abigail Talbott | 1 Aug 2023

Setting routines and rhythms can help your family focus on the Bible together. Here are some exciting resources to help you with discipleship at home.... continue reading

Christian Quotes for Encouragement in Parenting

Abigail Talbott | 4 May 2023

It can be easy to fall into discouragement as parents, especially when we believe the lies that we’re enough. Praise God that he knows that we aren’t! We have everything we need in him, and not within ourselves. He’s given us his word to guide and shape us, his Spirit to strengthen us, and experienced brothers and sisters to offer encouragement and biblical wisdom.... continue reading

The Best Christian Children's Books to Read at Christmas Time

Avery Powers | 25 Nov 2022

Sharing bedtime stories is perhaps one of the most beloved family traditions, especially around the holidays. So what better way to introduce Jesus to your kids than with a Christmas bedtime story? ... continue reading

Your 2022 Christmas Gift Guide (the Book Lover's Edition)

Bethany McIlrath | 22 Nov 2022

As you write out Christmas lists for your loved ones, don't forget to include some gifts that point to the ultimate gift – Jesus! We recommend the following Christian books for Christmas gifts this year. There's something for everyone on your list!... continue reading

Wherever They Go, Whatever They Do, You Pray Your Kids Will Love Jesus

Bethany McIlrath | 22 Sep 2022

Kids love to dream about what they might do when they grow up. They dream of what jobs they might have, of places they might go to, of people they might meet. ... continue reading

The Story Behind The Book: Write It On Their Hearts

Robby Gallaty | 13 Aug 2022

Everyone who was friends with Chris knew he lived purposefully. Everything he did was intentional. Whether it was learning a new hobby, researching a leadership development tool, finding a new fishing lure that worked, or perfecting a card trick—all things we both loved—he was fully invested, which is why we got along so well.... continue reading

How Our Culture Disciples Our Children

Chris Swain | 6 Aug 2022

Teaching your children to walk pales in comparison to teaching them to walk with wisdom in a world flooded with foolishness. Likewise, teaching your children to talk, and use proper grammar is child’s play compared to teaching them to be slow to speak, and to do so with grace and humility amidst the godless banter of modern media.... continue reading

To the Discipling Parent Whose Child Seems Disconnected

Melissa Swain | 5 Aug 2022

Connection. If you’re like most of us, you think about connection in the context of our digital age—connected via social media, gaming, video platforms and even the electrical grid. Always on, always going. Disconnecting is what everyone is screaming about, as they post waterfall photos to show the rest of the world just how unplugged they are. But what if connection is something we need? I don’t mean with thousands of strangers via social media. I mean with our kids. ... continue reading

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