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Engaging with Muslims: Author interview with John Klaassen

Phil Grout | 27 May 2015

Many Christians in the west are fearful of engaging in conversation with Muslims; believing that they will be hostile to Christian beliefs and conversations about the Bible.

Enjoy this interview with John Klaassen the author of Engaging with Muslims as he shares his experiences in this field of ministry, and his inspirations to develop this project.... continue reading

Video of the Week: Can a Mother forget?

Dex Fletcher | 16 Jan 2015

Our video of the week is a Sermon Jam from the team at Refresh Ministries. It's Tim Keller on the breathtaking nature of God's unconditional love. "What's a 'sermon jam' you ask?" - well, watch and enjoy!


And if you enjoy the video, you will probably enjoy reading Tim's book - The Prodigal God in which he explains the Jesus' invitation to all - to enter in to the ‘unique, radical nature of the gospel’: the reckless, spendthrift love of God.


Tough Question: Isn't Christianity just something people use to control others?

Phil Grout | 19 Nov 2014

Kevin DeYoung answers this tough question in this short video:

Tough Question: You can't trust the Bible can you?

Dex Fletcher | 6 Nov 2014

Many people assume that the Bible simply can't be trusted and if you can't trust the Bible then you can't trust Christianity, because the whole of the Christian message comes from the teaching of the Bible. Watch Vaughan Roberts answert his critical question:

You can order Barry Cooper's book, on the same subject, HERE.

ESV Translating

Tom Beard | 22 Sep 2011

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