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Blessings That Won't Be Restricted: Fellow Believers

James Burstow | 1 Mar 2021

As we've worked our way through Ephesians 1, we've focused on the spiritual blessings we recieve in Christ–wonderful, mind-blowing doctrines which remain true whatever is going on in our lives. In the last section of this chapter, there is something else that encourages Paul and prompts him to thank God: people. Other believers in Christ.... continue reading

Blessings That Won't Be Restricted: Preservation

James Burstow | 23 Feb 2021

I’m calling this spiritual blessing preservation. Why? Because it has to do with how we keep going until that point where we see God face to face and receive our promised inheritance. Another word for it is assurance: how can we be sure that we're going to make it? That’s a big question!... continue reading

Blessings That Won’t Be Restricted: Revelation

James Burstow | 15 Feb 2021

This spiritual blessing is a huge privilege. I’ve called it revelation because it is all about our heavenly Father revealing to us the mystery of his will. “To bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ”: that is the master plan. That is where everything is heading. Because that is God's will. And he has been kind enough to reveal that to us.... continue reading

Blessings That Won’t Be Restricted: Redemption

James Burstow | 9 Feb 2021

So far we've thought about election—the truth that we were personally chosen before the creation of the world—and adoption—the truth that we were chosen not just to be God's people, or even his friends, but his children. This week we move on to verses 7 and 8.... continue reading

Blessings That Won’t Be Restricted: Adopted By God

James Burstow | 1 Feb 2021

Our second blessing is adoption: the truth that not only were we chosen before the dawn of time, but we were chosen to be children of God. We could have been made only friends of God—and that would have been great. We would have been more than happy. But the Lord wanted more for us. He wanted us to be his children. He wanted to be our Father. And that is far, far better in so many ways. Here are four!... continue reading

Blessings That Won’t Be Restricted: Being Chosen in Christ

James Burstow | 25 Jan 2021

As some of our physical blessings are stripped away, let's encourage each other with the reality of this incredible spiritual blessing in the days that lie ahead of us, whatever they may hold.  We are who we are in Christ because before the dawn of time, God chose us and set his affection on us. Which means we are incredibly special; we are part of an eternal story; and our future is absolutely secure.... continue reading

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