Beginning Discipleship at an Early Age

Abbey Wedgeworth | Aug 15, 2023

Abbey Wedgeworth, author of the new Training Young Hearts series, shows us how to disciple our children well, and train them up in the love, grace, and truth of God.... continue reading

How Can We Discover What’s Right and Wrong?

Chris Morphew | Aug 8, 2023

We say strong nations shouldn’t use their power to destroy weak nations. We say a fit and healthy parent should do what they can to help the vulnerable people in the family. But why? This extract from Chris Morphew's How Can I Be Sure What’s Right and Wrong? explores where we get this idea of morality from.... continue reading

5 Family Resources for Discipleship at Home

Abigail Talbott | Aug 1, 2023

Setting routines and rhythms can help your family focus on the Bible together. Here are some exciting resources to help you with discipleship at home.... continue reading

How Can I Love a Difficult Church Member?

Ligon Duncan | Jul 27, 2023

When it comes to a local church, Paul encourages us to strive to be a family that is shaped by the gospel. In 1 Thessalonians 12-15, he is telling us what that looks like.... continue reading

Introducing Our New Rewards Programme!

Alexa Burstow | Jul 18, 2023

Getting to serve alongside you is so important to us. So, we're launching a brand new loyalty programme called 'MyRewards' so that we can thank you with freebies and special deals when you shop on our site. It's easy. Simply follow 5 steps...... continue reading

Tips for Teens Grappling with Bible Passages

Alison Mitchell | Jul 13, 2023

It sounds obvious when you say it, but the Bible authors wrote their books with a particular purpose in mind. They weren’t just scribbling down random things that popped into their heads. We know that, because they often tell us what their aim is.... continue reading

Engage 365: Learning How to Handle, Question and Explore God's Word

Alison Mitchell | Jul 11, 2023

One of the main ambitions of Engage 365 is to encourage you to dive into God’s word. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how you can use this resource to help you to handle, question and explore the Bible.... continue reading

You're More Qualified to Serve Than You May Think

Steve Robinson | Jul 6, 2023

My instinct is to think that in order to serve God and his people well, I need to bring something to the table. The world will tell us that what we need to do is just to realise how brilliant we really are (or maybe you’re already there—you do think you bring a lot to God’s table). But the Bible says that the answer to feeling too weak or unable to serve is not to try to feel strong...... continue reading

What Happens to Little Ones When They Die?

Dan and Anna Martin | Jul 4, 2023

There is no chapter of the Bible that tackles this specific question: what happens to little ones when they die? Consequently we readily acknowledge that some biblically faithful Christians will draw different conclusions to those we share below. We believe that Jesus keeps little ones safe with him when they die. But our ultimate rest is not in our own reasoning or our own answers; it’s in our knowledge that God is always good, and that he will do what is right.... continue reading

Hymns We Love: Introducing Our New Evangelistic Resource for Seniors

Pippa Cramer | Jun 29, 2023

Hymns We Love is an evangelistic series designed to introduce seniors to the good news of the gospel. Hear from the course presenter, Pippa Cramer, to find out how you can use it to care for this sadly often-neglected generation.... continue reading

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