Praying that God will watch over my child

Melissa Kruger | April 10th 2019

The following piece is an extract from 5 Things to Pray for Your Kids by Melissa Kruger. In the book Melissa suggests fresh, biblical ideas to help you pray for tots, teens and all ages between. Today we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what the book looks like. This chapter uses psalm 121 to help you pray for God's care of your child... ... continue reading


Loving Jesus more than theology

J.A. Medders | April 10th 2019

One of the greatest dangers for studious Christians is loving the study of God more than God himself. We love books. We love to love God with our minds. Yes and amen. So did the Apostle Paul; he asks Timothy to bring his cloak and his books (2 Timothy 4:13). God commands us to love him with our minds (Matthew 22:36–37).... continue reading


We want to win: what does God think about Brexit? (Part 3)

Carl Laferton | April 8th 2019

Brexit shows we want to feel we’re in the right; we want to feel we’re winning. Perhaps that’s one reason we find it so easy to get so heated. We forget that someone who voted differently to us might have some interesting points. We forget that they may even be right. At its worst, that impulse to feel that we’re right, and must win, leads to unfair caricature and disdainful rhetoric, a sense of superiority and virtue-signalling.... continue reading


7 Signs That You're a Cage-Stage Calvinist

J.A. Medders | April 4th 2019

Calvinism is a beautiful thing—when we Calvinists don’t ruin it.

For too long Calvinism has been linked to arrogant, fiery, and argumentative Calvinists who seem like the only cure for their cruelty is time in a steel cage. Diagnosis? A Cage-Stage Calvinist.... continue reading


Prosperity and security: what does God think about Brexit? (Part 2)

Carl Laferton | April 4th 2019

Brexit shows us that we long for prosperity and security.... continue reading


Unpacking a controversial passage: 1 Timothy 2

Phillip Jensen | April 2nd 2019

No passage in recent times has come under such intense study as this one. The intensity of the study and the plethora of books and articles are indicative not of the difficulties in the text so much as of the desire to understand it in the light of present social changes.... continue reading


Searching for certainty: what does God think about Brexit? (Part 1)

Carl Laferton | April 1st 2019

Brexit. Yes, we’re really going there. Four times.... continue reading


Loving like Ruth this Mother’s Day

Katy Morgan | March 29th 2019

I won’t be with my mum on Mothers’ Day, and I feel a little guilty. She knows I love her, of course, but I’m missing an opportunity to really demonstrate it.

Reading the book of Ruth recently has made me think more deeply, however, about how to be a good daughter.... continue reading


Martin Luther and the Topsy-Turvy Beauty of the Cross

Tim Chester | March 28th 2019

Churches across the world are filled with beautiful crosses. There are crosses of coloured glass in stained-glass windows. There are crosses of shaped brass, perhaps even studded with jewels, flanked by candles on communion tables. Some Christians wearing intricate crosses of twisted silver around their necks. The cross of Jesus is so central to our faith that it is perhaps no surprise to find Christians wanting to honour it in this kind of way.... continue reading


Charles Spurgeon’s Humble Calvinism

Charles H. Spurgeon | March 27th 2019

Brothers, hold the five points of Calvinist doctrine, but don’t hold them as babbling questions.

What you have received of God, do not learn in order to fight with it, and to make contention and strife, and to divide the church of God, and rail against the people of the Most High, as some do. But, on the contrary, love one another as brothers and sisters, and hold the truth in love, and seek after the unity of the Spirit and the perfect bond of charity.... continue reading

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