Don't Panic!

The Ultimate Exam Survival Kit

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An exam survival guide including 20 daily Bible readings for stressed-out students.

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Exams are a time of real stress for many Christian students - with loads resting on the outcome of the results. It's a time when most need the re-assurance and guidance that God's Word can give. That's why we've developed Don't Panic - an exam survival guide.

We've written it to encourage young people to keep their eyes fixed on God as they revise for exams. During times of stress it's easy to let God slip down our list of priorities. Bible study and prayer can become optional extras, rather than essential. But these studies will help young people appreciate that through studying God's word, God can encourage us, strengthen us and prepare us to serve Him even when we're studying.

It includes 20 daily Bible readings for stressed-out students, revision timetables and practical short articles on revising effectively, exam technique and dealing with stress. Perfect for anyone who will be facing exams this year.

- four weeks of daily Bible notes, to give God's perspective on getting through tricky times
- articles on coping with stress, what to do on the day of the exam, and more...
- includes a revision timetable and weekly prayer diary
- brainstretchers - puzzles and exercises to help keep your brain limbered up

Product details


  • Introduction

  • Week 1
    (revision timetable prayer diary, daily Bible studies)
    How to revise

  • Week 2
    Coping with stress

  • Week 3
    How to survive exams

  • Week 4
    Student interview: How do you survive?
    Brain stretch, Sudoku and brainteasers

  • Extra revision timetables

  • What now?

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Age range: 14+
Contributors Martin Cole, Andrew Roycroft
ISBN 9781905564552
Format Paperback
Dimensions 99mm x 210mm x 3.3mm
Weight 0.07 kg
Print size 7.0pt
Language English
Pages 48
Publisher The Good Book Company
Independent reviews

Examination preparation

Hannah van Dijk, Evangelicals Now

I think it’s particularly helpful and accessible for young Christians that haven’t got into the habit of daily Bible reading; the passages are manageable and the style extremely approachable.... continue reading

Customer reviews

24 May 2015

“Excellent resource for stressed out examinees!”

We gave a copy of this book to those in our youth group who are currently taking their CGSEs, so this is based on feedback from one of them. She liked the planner and is using it, and the article on stress has also been really useful. I think that this is a great resource. I wonder if a shorter version might appeal more to those who want something brief and snappy to dip into. Perhaps it is aimed more at 18+ than 16 year olds, so maybe a 'younger' version is what is needed. However this is only a minor quibble, as this is a really useful resource.

6 May 2014


I bought my first Don't Panic! 7 years ago from the book stall at a Lymington Rushmore revision camp and it helped me a lot during my A levels. I am now using it this year for my Law exams and have given it as a gift to a friend who is taking his GCSEs.
It is so helpful and encouraging, with daily Bible studies, tips and advice, and timetables. I think I have got more from it this time around, and I'm only half-way through! The Bible passages are well chosen and remind me of the "bigger picture", which is so important during the stresses of exams.

15 Jun 2012

“A great resource for showing young people how much we are thinking about them ”

We have used this book on a number of occasions. A great way of connecting with young people and showing how much we are thinking about them at this important time in their lives. It is also a way of showing parents (perhaps those who seldom attend church) the caring nature of the church.

12 Jun 2011


i really liked this guide however i think it would be good if a new version was made - i have more than one year of exams and it would be good to have different readings each year. However i really like the format of the whole booklet.

26 May 2009

“Very, very helpful!”

These Bible notes have guided me through my exams and shown me God's comfort. There isn't much I would change. So thank you, and God bless.

9 Jul 2008

“very helpful”

Bite-sized chunks of Bible study were ideal for a packed timetable and focused on really helpful passages of Scripture, not just obvious exam-related issues like anxiety but also viewing present challenges from the perspective of God's plan for the whole of life and history, and reminders to maintain compassion for others rather than becoming self-absorbed when under pressure. As a postgrad some of the graphics and extras were a bit young for me, but the Bible content was excellent for any age group - I'll use it again and pass it on to others.

25 Jun 2008

“essential for anyone taking exams!”

We all need to cling to God in every situation, but exams and revising can often push God among many other things to the back of our minds. This small bargain of a book is brilliant and keeping you focused, and your life in perspective. Not only did it help me stay close to Jesus through exam time, but through showing me the extent of God's support for me, made me a stronger Christian. This book is witty, informative, comforting and brilliant for all those taking exams.

2 Jun 2008


I bought Don't Panic for our young people in church. Excellent practical advice.

29 May 2008


This Bible study is perfect for the exam period, giving useful advice from the Bible and from the editors as well as concentrating on things more important than exams, which was very encouraging!

26 May 2008

“Good Book - Bit repetitive”

Was a good book, and i shared it with friends that were sitting exams for the first time, I felt the verses and studys were good, but repetitive at parts.

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