His Grace Is Enough Board Book

By Melissa B Kruger, illustrated by Isobel Lundie
from 10 reviews

With simple words, engaging illustrations and robust board-book format, this charming rhyming book is ideal for teaching toddlers about God’s grace and forgiveness.

Board book
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With simple words, engaging illustrations and robust board-book format, this charming rhyming book is ideal for toddlers.

This board book provides a shorter version of Melissa Kruger's His Grace Is Enough, helping young children to explore the unique and wonderful Christian message of God's grace: that Jesus offers forgiveness and allows us to move on from our mistakes.

It can be used to share the heart of the Christian faith with very young children or to remind them that Jesus is the person to run to when they mess up.

Isobel Lundie's vibrant illustrations provide plenty to look at and engage with on every page.

The hardback storybook version adds more depth and detail, which will delight slightly older children (aged 4+).

Written by Melissa Kruger: mother, best-selling author (including Five Things to Pray for Your Kids), speaker, blogger and Director of Women’s Content at The Gospel Coalition.

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Age range: 2+
Contributors Melissa B Kruger, Isobel Lundie
ISBN 9781784988630
Format Board book
First published June 2023
Dimensions 150mm x 190mm x 10mm
Weight 0.21 kg
Language English
Pages 16
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

7 Jul 2023

“Perfect for Kids”

Love this little board book and believe that it's a great addition to any family's library. Melissa Kruger does a wonderful job with the simple rhymes that point the reader/hearer to God. The truths of grace are on each page.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

29 Jun 2023

“Teaches Key Gospel Truths for Little Ones”

This is a lovely board book with a rhyming story about grace and some beautiful, simple illustrations. Grace is one of the hardest concepts to teach a child, especially of this preschool age group, because it just doesn't make sense for their concept of what is fair, but this book helps them to see why grace is so essential. We need books like this which are tackling big Bible concepts in such a fun way!

29 Jun 2023

“Such a sweet refreshing book”

Melissa did a wonderful job of bringing light and the hope of the Gospel to children with this book. It brought great imagery and language to what God’s grace is and why we need it. 🙏

As we all do, our children make bad choices in various ways, so this helped us to scaffold conversation around how those things are covered by God’s grace, allowing us to move on from those mishaps, and that his grace towards them is part of the journey of their heart change. What a beautiful message of hope, shared in such a simple, child friendly way.

Linguistically it was very easy to understand for even our 3 year old and is beautifully rhythmic, so is a great one to draw in and engage even the youngest of children 🙌

TGBC graciously sent us the boardbook (in return for our honest review) which we have found to be really good quality so it should stand the test of time, and it has rounded edges making it feel lovely to hold in your hands and no sharp edges for the tiniest of hands ☺️

22 Jun 2023

“Truth for little hearts”

✨This is an excellent quality board book version of Ms. Kruger’s “His Grace Is Enough” picture book.

✨The message of grace, forgiveness, and restoration is simple, yet clear and delivered in fun rhymes.

✨At first, I was surprised it called lies “small” until I realized that’s exactly what we do to brush off sin and guilt-call it small and insignificant, instead of calling it what it is and knowing we need God’s grace to set us free. So I actually appreciate that the book makes this concept understandable and really preaches truth.

✨ I would absolutely recommend this for 2-5 year olds and think it’s an excellent board book for church nurseries and bookstores.

20 Jun 2023

“Excellent Adaptation!”

This board book adapts the picture book "His Grace is Enough" for even younger children. The book includes some of the same rhythmic text from Melissa Kruger and cute illustrations from Isobel Lundie, and it flows extremely well. You can't tell where things are different unless you're comparing this directly to the original version. There are no weird transitions or pacing gaps, and the book feels complete and satisfying exactly the way it is.

The text has a solid rhyme scheme and reassuring message, and the illustrations show diverse children doing wrong things and receiving grace-filled reassurances from their parents. The book emphasizes that even when we fail, God still loves us, and there is a child-level explanation of the gospel at the end. The book says that Jesus paid the price for our sin and gives us new life, and that because of God's grace, we are able to change. Melissa Kruger handles this complex topic in a child-friendly and biblical way, and this will be a helpful way for families and church environments to introduce the concept of grace to young children.

This is a great book for Christian families, and this would make a great baby shower gift. The reassuring, gospel-focused message will also encourage parents as they train their kids, and even though I wish that this book had included a note for parents with related Bible verses and other ideas for discussing grace with their kids, this is an excellent, engaging way to talk with kids about how God's love and grace for them.

Note: I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

17 Jun 2023

“A great intro to littles on God’s grace.”

I didn't love this book as I feel like it is missing some of the elements of salvation. I think the author does a great job of explaining grace though and I think that is the main purpose of this book, but I felt like it was lacking in showing the whole gospel of what salvation really looks like. This is a great little book to explain grace to little ones, but I would add to their understanding of what that looks like. This is a great starting place though if a child is needing help understanding what grace is and that it is something freely given that we don't deserve. My son actually loves this book and the illustrations and I feel like it is still beneficial, but not as a stand alone. I felt like sin isn't empathized in all its seriousness and reciving grace is more than just saying sorry, it is feeling sorry as well and wanting to change (because of God's work in you). Grace is freely given, but the price Jesus paid was a heavy price. Repentance is sort of addressed, "His grace is enough to change you and me." I have mixed feelings about this one, but am still giving it 4 stars because it is still a beneficial book to teach about God's grace in a simple way that littles will understand and something to build off of. It also shows children why Jesus died on the cross and that grace is not obtained through works.

16 Jun 2023


We have had the privilege of reading the other versions of this book and have enjoyed every one so far. This board book version is obviously geared towards very little children.

The illustrations are beautiful and captivating for little kids. The details are wonderful and a child can sit for quite awhile capturing all the details of the pictures.

The Gospel is clearly shared throughout the book in a simple way that younger children would understand. Although the topic can be complicated, Lundie does a great job of sharing it simply while still holding to the truth.

The writing of the story is simple, rhythmic, engaging, and beautiful.

I would have loved for Lundie to include a parent section with tips or suggestions on further discussion or activities. It also would have been nice to include scripture references to support the book's story.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

16 Jun 2023

“Sweet, simple, rhyming”

This fun children's board book is a quick glimpse into the truth of God's grace.
Full of sweet simple rhymes and colourful engaging illustrations, children can enjoy this book over and over again.
This book highlights the point that we all make mistakes, yet I like that the main concept of the book points to Jesus, and that our forgiveness is from Him.
would recommend this book for ages 4 and under as a beginner approach to learning the gospel message.

13 Jun 2023


Love love love this little board book full of truth. The illustrations are phenomenal and the diversity of children is so important. My son is only 10 months old but I’m so thankful for a resource that I can read to him at a young age that is biblically-based in such a simple message!

26 Oct 2022

“Perfect Gift for Little Ones”

Melissa Kruger just has a way with communicating these very basic, central truths perfectly for kids (& adults!). The illustrations are sweetly drawn, too. This is definitely a must-read!

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