CY Nano Handbook (Hungarian)

CY Nano Handbook (Hungarian)

A seven-step journey through the life of Jesus

CY Nano is a life-changing journey through the Gospel of Mark.

Part of the CY series.


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CY Nano is a life-changing journey through the Gospel of Mark. In seven interactive sessions, young teens will find out what Christians believe, discover the Bible's answers to the big questions and explore what Christianity is really all about.

This handbook includes Bible studies and group discussion questions along with summaries of each talk and room to write answers.

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  • Before We Begin
    Week 1: CY it’s worth exploring
    Week 2: CY Jesus matters
    Week 3: CY Jesus came
    Week 4: CY Jesus died
    Week 5: CY Jesus lives
    Week 6: CY God accepts us
    Week 7: CY we should believe


Age range: 11+
Contributors Christianity Explored
Format Paperback
Language Hungarian
Pages 48
Publisher Szentiras Szveteg

Other information

CY is a seven-stage journey through Mark’s Gospel for young people. All seven sessions are designed to bring young people to a clear understanding of the gospel with the aid of specially written talks, Bible studies, games and activities, and the optional use of the Soul DVD.

CY is the youth version of the popular Christianity Explored evangelistic course. This substantially revised and enhanced second edition of the CY course is the result of considerable feedback from the thousands who have used the course worldwide since it was first produced.

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