Empowered DVD

Empowered DVD

Equipping Everyone For Relational Evangelism

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A biblical, practical seven-session DVD course that excites and equips Christians to share Christ in everyday life.

Part of the Empowered series.

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So many Christians feel nervous, guilty or awkward when they think about sharing their faith with friends and family.

It doesn't have to be this way. You—whoever you are—can be empowered for evangelism that is faithful, compelling and relational. Empowered will leave ordinary Christians not only wanting to share their faith, but knowing how to talk about Jesus in their normal lives and everyday conversations.

Becky Pippert and her husband Dick have spent the past 13 years doing evangelism training in churches and at conferences on almost every continent. Empowered is the fruit of all these years of working right around the world, of motivating and equipping ordinary Christians to share their faith with those around them. Easy to run and combining Bible-study, talks and discussions, this course is flexible enough to be over seven weeks or on a day or weekend away.

In the introduction Becky writes:
"Never has there been a greater need to share Christ with the world (starting with our own neighbors)—yet never have believers seemed more ill equipped. It is imperative that we know how to effectively communicate the gospel. We need to get beyond one-size-fits-all techniques. We need to learn to communicate the truth in a way that is also loving. Yet we need to remember, even as we seek to show Christ’s compassionate love, still to share Christ’s gospel truth."

Each session of Empowered opens with a short introduction from Becky before moving to an interactive group Bible study grounded in God's word. This is followed by a short talk by Becky on the DVD. Becky's warm, personable style blends timeless biblical truth with tried and tested techniques—as well as plenty of funny and encouraging real life stories. After the talk there's time to work through the practical implications in discussion groups, before turning to prayer.

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  • 1. Inadequacy is Compulsory
  • 2. The Cross: The Mess and the Miracle
  • 3. Facing our Fears
  • 4. It's All About Relationships
  • 5. Cultivating Curiosity
  • 6. The Gospel: Content and Response
  • 7. Introducing the Irresistible Jesus

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Contributors Rebecca Manley Pippert
ISBN 9781784981075
Format DVD
First published September 2016
Dimensions 135mm x 185mm x 9mm
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Hugh Palmer

Rector of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London

God has gifted Becky with a rare combination of enthusiasm and substance, down-to-earth realism in the stories she tells that lifts spirits, and an understanding of evangelism rooted in the Bible to feed our minds. Add to that a healthy dose of humour and by the time she has finished you want to tell others about Jesus and even believe you can! Empowered is the kind of training course I value and want all churches to profit from too. Ideal for the nervous and those who don't feel gifted for evangelism as well as those raring to go.

Revd Canon J.John

Director, Philo Trust

A perfect remedy for all Christians who struggle with sharing their faith: full of insight, rich in enthusiasm and above all, overflowing with encouragement.

Vaughan Roberts

Rector, St Ebbe's Church, Oxford, UK

I don’t know of a better resource for training people in evangelism than Empowered. It’s completely free of guilt-inducing pressure—and wonderfully full of inspiring, practical, Christ-focused Bible teaching. It is ideal for church Home Groups to use. It will leave the most reluctant witness feeling, not simply “perhaps I can do this after all”, but “I really want to!”

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(Review written for 'Empowered DVD Leader's Kit')

Excellent course and well presented. Good work book and Leaders guide. DVD presentation may be seen to be somewhat long considering time frame for sessions depending on the audience that may attend. I am having to reduce the timeframe of the course to one hour. However, I have no hesitation in recommending this course as Rebecca Manley Pippert is so enthusiastic in her presentation.

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