Faker (Spanish)

Faker (Spanish)

How to live for real when you're tempted to fake it

How to be free from the pressure to pretend


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“Short, punchy, dignified, well-written, and full of silly but interesting Wimpy-Kid-style illustrations, Faker is an excellent little book”
Tim Challies
Blogger and author
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Have you ever felt like a faker? Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow us to paint beautiful pictures of our lives. But many of us feel like fakers. If people really knew who we were, what would they think? Would they still care?

What would life look like if we stopped pretending?

This book not only explores that question, but provides the thrilling answer found in a short story told 2,000 years ago.

This richly illustrated book for teens and older brings the power of this exciting story to bear on our modern lives.

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  • Introduction
    1. The problem of being a wallflower
    2. The faker roller coaster
    3. Dangerously good
    4. The walking dead
    5. Looking under the hood
    6. Unfreezing a frozen heart
    7. God’s love: “real”


Age range: 13+
ISBN 9788494878978
Format Paperback
Dimensions 127mm x 198mm x 5mm
Weight 0.10 kg
Language Spanish
Pages 84
Publisher andamio

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