God's Very Colourful Creation

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Brings to life the Bible story of creation for young children.

Part of the Very Best Bible Stories series.

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In this faithful and fun account of Genesis 1, children 2-4 years old will discover how God made his very good and wonderful creation. Children will learn that God used every shade of the rainbow, and so many more!

It teaches children about colours and has bright, fun illustrations by Jennifer Davison.

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Age range: 2 - 6
Author Tim Thornborough, Jennifer Davison
ISBN 9781784986339
Format Hardback
First published August 2021
Dimensions 210mm x 210mm x 8mm
Language English
Pages 24
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Lovely book that celebrates God's creation”

I would highly recommend this for a preschooler, especially. It has a beautiful cadence and does a great job stirring up colorful imagery and celebrating the diverse world that only God Himself could create. It would be 5-star worthy if there had been a specific mention of Adam and Eve, but we simply pause on that page, and say, "Who were the FIRST people that God made in His image?" With that little amendment, I say this is a great book to have in your library to encourage little belivers into a solid faith rooted in God as the creator of all that is good!


“Great - Biblical and Colourful”

I love how this book faithfully tells the story of creation from Genesis, and is accessible for little ones. The illustrations are bright and beautiful!


“Fabulously fun and colorful way to explore the creation account in Genesis 1!”

This book is a fabulously fun and colorful way to explore the creation account in Genesis 1 with very young children. The illustrations are vibrant and beautiful and the accompanying vocabulary words for descriptions of color are astounding. It’s engaging for my children and helps them expand their knowledge of colors beyond the typical ROYGBIV of a rainbow. I love the Biblical emphasis of God as the Creator of everyone and everything. This book is a great way to explore Biblical truths of the creation story and to focus on the creativity of God. We always enjoy the illustrations in the “Very Best Bible Stories” series as well as the diversity and more accurate skin colors of the people within the books. I’m not typically one who prefers “cartoonish” characters for Bible stories, but these books are really well done and my kids thoroughly enjoy them.


“Truly Beautiful”

In God’s Very Colorful Creation, Tim Thornborough & Jennifer Davison help you teach your children about God’s glory as our Maker.

Genesis 1

With Genesis 1 as the background text, this book uses vibrant colors and fun pictures to showcase God’s wonderful creation. My oldest child is at the age where he is starting to recognize colors, and he’ll point at the different colors asking me to tell him what it is. This book is perfect to capture your child’s imagination and show them how God makes things beautiful.

Truly Beautiful

Towards the end of this 24-page book, we see God’s creation culminating in God making people in his own image. The book describes them as men and women with different colors of skin and hair. And as my children have different tones, I am thankful for their diversity. Our God is truly beautiful.

I received a media copy of God’s Very Colorful Creation and this is my honest review.


“Colorful and Fun, With Great Vocabulary”

This vibrant picture book features beautiful art and joyful text that celebrates color and God's creativity. The book adapts the creation account from Genesis for a young child's level, and focuses on the beauty and majesty of what God made. The illustrations from Jennifer Davison are bright, vibrant, and lovely to look at, and the text from Tim Thornborough has wonderful rhythm and includes lots of different color names and synonyms. The vocabulary nerd in me particularly enjoyed this, and it's a great way to teach children a broad vocabulary for different shades of color. It is almost always clear from context what unfamiliar color names would refer to, and parents may learn some new words as well.

Near the end of the book, the page about God creating mankind in his image pictures people with lots of different shades of skin. This is a nice nod to racial diversity as part of God's colorful creation, but it could be confusing or distracting to some children, since the text presents this as part of the creation story without a specific focus on Adam and Eve as the characters in the Genesis narrative. The book connects human diversity with the concept of people growing and filling the earth, but I think that this part of the book would have benefited from a stronger transition between the Genesis story and the future development of mankind.

"God's Very Colorful Creation" is a great book for Christian families, churches, and Christian schools. The book is so bright and colorful that it can be eye-catching from a distance, if a teacher is holding it up at the front of a room, and the enthusiastic, rhythmic text lends itself well to a read-aloud. If I were reading this to children, I would clarify some of the specific details of the Genesis narrative to prevent confusion, but the book is a great way to celebrate God's creativity and design in the world around us and in the human race.


“Engaging, Vibrant and Enjoyable”

As a Christian parent, I’m always searching for fun ways to incorporate God’s Word into our daily lives and teach my daughter more about God and His plan for us. What better way, than through stories and books. I love that this adorable little series feature Bible stories in a fun, enjoyable way.

God’s Very Colorful Creation uses vibrant, joyful illustrations and simple words to paraphrase what Scripture says about the story of Creation in Genesis, chapter 1, encouraging littles to behold God’s creation with awe and wonder...

The book teaches children what God made on each of the six days He worked and how He rested to enjoy His creation on the seventh day. It is engaging and speaks of the many wonderful colors of the rainbow that can be found in the world around us, making it a point to use exciting, descriptive words and various, alternative color names.

In this particular book, on the sixth day, when God created man and woman, the illustrations and words allude that God created multiple people at once, in various ethnicities. While I want my young daughter to understand that all people are created in God’s image, regardless of skin color or cultural background, this story deviates from Scripture, as we know God only created Adam (man) and Eve (woman) on the sixth day. This could be confusing to some children who have an understanding of the Creation story already. However, the message behind the book is still Scriptural in that God created people and asked them to multiply, thus creating many different ethnicities and skin/hair colors, and He called it good.

A definite recommendation from me for your little one’s library!


“Creative Creation Colorful Children's Book”

The Very Best Bible Story Series
Written by Tim Thornborough and Illustrated by Jennifer Davison

Every book in the series includes on the first page: "in this true story from the Bible." This is a connection I made last year and I have started to try to change my vocabulary when sharing a lesson from the bible I try to say, today I have a biblical event to share with you. And I've been trying to eliminate story from my teaching the Bible language. It is easier for me to remember to tell children that each lesson from the Bible is true.

What I like about the book:

The book opens with a discussion of how many colors are in the rainbow, and ask the reader to point out different colors on the page.
The illustrator uses bold colors, expressive people, and beautiful blending of colors, images, that are warm and friendly.
The author's use of descriptive language and alliteration. (He also introduces a lot of fun color words-puce, scarlet, papaya, cold gray light...)
This author has a gift for adding in a repeated phrase that reflects God- in this book it is "This is good," said God "It is so, so good."
The value God has in His creation- man in His image that are "beautiful and fabulous variety."
Joy in creation!
What I wonder:
When God made people, the image and text talk about ALL the diverse people He made, and I wonder how this page and the biblical text will be taught to the littles who hear the true story, will they be confused at all the people when Genesis 1 refers only to man and woman- Adam and Eve being made.

Educational Connections:
Colors- art, blending, primary, secondary, the color wheel
Descriptive language
Types of stars- giants, dwarf
Counting as the days are clearly labeled
Value in diversity- God made men and women with "beautiful and fabulous variety."
Thankful to partner with the goodbook company and review this book.


“An engaging, colorful book about God's creation!”

An engaging, colorful book about God's creation! I loved how the book gave such beautiful visuals and descriptions of God's creation! It's been a lovely addition to our reading basket!



This is an absolutely beautiful book about creation! I just finished his other children's book titled Esther and The Very Brave Plan. I loved that book but I must say that I enjoyed this one even more.

He introduces the book with a brief discussion about the colors of the rainbow and a challenge to the children to find all the different colors as they read through the book.

The first thing I noticed is the amazing illustrations. The story is a short version of the creation account in Genesis. The illustrations tie in directly with what God created each day. It begins with darkness, then light, and moves quickly to colorful images of God's creation.

I like Thornborough's creativity with naming unique colors of each created thing. For example, when revealing the third day of God's creation, he describes it as follows: "It was brown and beige, chestnut and chocolate, tan and taupe." What a wonderful way to peaked the curiosity and interest of kids.

The illustrations of the animals and creatures are phenomenal. Extremely eye catching and so detailed that it took us several minutes to discuss all the colors and beauty of each page.

This is a great book to help teach the story of Creation to younger children.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

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God's Very Colourful Creation | Tim Thornborough, Jennifer Davison | $9.99