Abigail and the Career Day Catastrophe

It's Time to Be a Hero… Right?

By Bethany McIlrath, illustrated by Katie Saunders

Fun, absorbing novel that helps kids aged 7+ to engage with the Bible as they learn that it’s only through Jesus that we can please God.

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It's nearly Career Day, and 9-year-old Abigail is trying to decide what she wants to be when she grows up. She wants to do something that will please God and her family, so she decides she will be a missionary police officer—a job that she thinks means behaving perfectly and making sure everyone else does too! 

But all her efforts seem to backfire. After some helpful Bible teaching from her loved ones about the story of Paul's conversion, Abigail rethinks what it means to please God and to "be good"!

This fun, relatable story will help kids to realise that it’s only through Jesus that we can please God. And with the Holy Spirit’s help, they can become more like Jesus and do good works with him.

This is the second book in the Abigail series, a fictional series for readers aged 7 and up that follows the adventures of 9-year-old Abigail as she figures out what faith means for her everyday life. Young readers will be inspired to read the Bible, talk to God and apply what they believe to their own lives.

Includes book club kit with questions for discussion.

Visit the Abigail series website for free downloads, worksheets from the book, games and more!

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    1. Officer Dave
    2. An Adventure
    3. A Hero
    4. The Yellow Bucket
    5. A Bad Guy
    6. Extra Good
    7. No Fun Allowed
    8. Walking Feet
    9. Pedro in Peril
    10. I Am the Police
    11. All Cleaned Up
    12. Being Like Jesus
    13. Sticky
    14. A Faucet to Fix
    15. The Bible in the Toolbox
    16. Good Work
    17. Career-Day Cake
    18. Filling and Spilling
    19. The Big Day
    20. Glued!
    21. Flying, Baking Missionary Police-Officer Hero

    A Note from the Author

    A Sneak Peek

    Book-Club Questions

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Age range: 7+
Contributors Bethany McIlrath, Katie Saunders
ISBN 9781802540987
Format Paperback
First published October 2024
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 15mm
Weight 0.22 kg
Language English
Pages 224
Publisher The Good Book Company

Caroline Saunders

Author, The Story of Water and The Story of Home

Bethany McIlrath truly understands how to construct an easy-to-connect-with narrative around a gospel-rich passage! Abigail and the Career Day Catastrophe is a charming, relatable, and engaging story. Fourth-grade Abigail works hard to be good, experiences crushing disappointment when her efforts fall flat, and delights in the good news of Jesus. Kids who read about Abigail will be entertained, feel understood, and, most spectacularly, come away better equipped to press God’s good news into their everyday lives.

Amanda Cleary Eastep

Author, Tree Street Kids series

The second in a new series by Bethany McIlrath, Abigail and the Career Day Catastrophe finds Abigail navigating a big career day project at school. As she dreams about what she might be when she grows up, she comes to understand that a person’s job isn’t to be perfect, because that is a job only Jesus can do! Readers will learn, along with Abigail, that God gives good gifts to each of us to do good works—but that the greatest gift is his saving grace.

Bob Hartman

Author, Rhyming Bible and The Lion Storytelling Bible

In the Abigail books, Bethany McIlrath demonstrates how a family’s commitment to their shared faith can help a nine-year-old girl navigate the everyday problems that children face. Each book not only tells a clever, funny story about Abigail but also successfully unpacks the biblical truths that Abigail discovers along the way.

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