Loving Your Church by Building One Another Up

By Adam Ramsey, foreword by Alistair Begg

How to be a church whose members and leaders value and encourage each other in humility and with integrity, reflecting Jesus.

Part of the Love Your Church series.

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A right understanding of honour is vital to healthy churches. It’s a word that’s mentioned hundreds of times throughout the Bible. But what does honour really look like for us in everyday church life? Who should we honour and how?

Adam Ramsey brings a fresh understanding of true honour in our churches. He paints a vision of an honouring church that captivates your mind and heart—a church that shines brightly in the community because of the way its members value and respect each other and their leaders and, above all else, bring honour to God.

Written by Adam Ramsey, Director of Acts29 Asia Pacific.

There are reflection questions at the end of every chapter and a discussion guide in the back, making this book ideal to read as a small group or even a whole church. The discussion guide is also available to download for free online.

This book is part of the Love Your Church series, a collection of thoughtful and practical books that will inspire every church member with a biblical vision of what it means to be a local community of God’s family. Church members can explore together what it means to belong, to welcome, to gather, to care, to serve and to honour one another, and to witness and send people out to spread the gospel.

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  • Foreword

    Introduction: Redeeming a Misused Word

    1. A Church That Honours God above All

    2. A Church That Is Notorious for Humility

    3. A Church That Is Biblically Competitive

    4. A Church with an Honourable Witness

    5. A Church Led by Honourable Leaders

    6. A Church That Rightly Honours Such Leaders

    Conclusion: The One Whom God Honours


Contributors Adam Ramsey, Alistair Begg
ISBN 9781784989705
Format Paperback
First published July 2024
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 8mm
Weight 0.15 kg
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company

Sam Allberry

Pastor at Immanuel Church, Nashville; author of Is God Anti-Gay? and What Does God Have to Say About Our Bodies?

So much of what can be most beautiful about our churches is summed up in that single (and often overlooked) word: honour. Adam Ramsey's book offers compelling insights that will help us all to make our church communities better reflect the love and glory of Jesus. This is vital to the health of our churches, and a vital key to having an impact on the world around us.

Carolyn Lacey

Author of 'Say the Right Thing' and 'Extraordinary Hospitality (for Ordinary People)'

Surely one of the most neglected commands in the Western church is the command to outdo one another in showing honour (Romans 12:10). In a culture obsessed with self-love, self-promotion and self-fulfilment, the call to value others above ourselves can sound unreasonably hard and possibly harmful. Adam Ramsey helps us understand why honour among members and leaders is essential for the health of our churches, and how it can be a beautiful witness in our communities. He offers a compelling vision of a prayerful people committed to humble love, thoughtful encouragement and Christ-exalting service. This is a people I want to be part of! I pray this book will be widely read and that the church of Christ will shine more brightly as a result.

Brian Howard

President, Acts29

I am thrilled to recommend Adam Ramsey's excellent new book. Having worked alongside Adam for close to a decade, I can attest to his exceptional character and unwavering commitment to living out what he writes in this book. In each chapter, Adam explores the true essence of honor within the church, showing us how we rightly honor God and one another through humility, biblical competitiveness and godly leadership. His insights are not just words on pages but a reflection of the honorable man he is. I wholeheartedly recommend Honor as an instructive, convicting and inspiring read that mirrors the wisdom and integrity of its author.

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