24 studies for Bible reading partnerships

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One-2-One is a series of 24 studies for Bible-reading partnerships.

Part of the One2One series.

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• Do you find it difficult to read the Bible regularly on your own?
• Would you like to learn from a more experienced Christian?
• Or maybe help a younger Christian to read the Bible?

One2One is a series of 24 studies for Bible Reading Partnerships, where two or more people agree to meet regularly to read, discuss and pray through a passage of Scripture.

This first book in the One2One series worked through parts of the Gospel of John, Philippians and some Psalms. It is ideal for anyone who wants to be encouraged in their Christian Life and to encourage others.

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  • Sessions 1-9: John 13-17
    Jesus teaching on the night before he died.

  • Sessions 10-16: Philippians
    Paul's warm letter to his friends.

  • Sessions 17-24: The Psalms
    The best worship book on the market

  • Where do we go from here?

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Contributors Andrew Cornes
ISBN 9781873166994
Format Paperback
Dimensions 152mm x 224mm x 7mm
Weight 0.11 kg
Language English
Pages 64
No. of studies 24
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Customer reviews

1 Sep 2016

“Good one to one book”

Great book.
Good questions .
Easy to use without being too simple
Just enough on each section and challenging too.

27 Nov 2013

“accessible and practical”

Reading the Bible with others is a huge privilege but knowing where to start can be a nightmare. This book offers a great framework with which to kick start a new Bible reading partnership. The questions are accessible and practical with some great hints on how to pray each passage home. I've loved working through this with a friend from church and it's not hard to see how the two of us have grown through the process.

2 Sep 2013

“A useful tool.”

This book provides and excellent starting point for reading the Bible with another person.
The brief guidance is helpful as is the structure of suggested passages.

16 Dec 2012


Really great study guide, works well if you have no time to prepare.

Great for new Christians, or for those who may be struggling and could use going back to basics.

Would recommend to anyone.

15 Mar 2012


A useful study book for 1 to 1 bible studies. Short--so useful if only have short time. Sometimes did 2 studies at once.

5 Sep 2011


currently doing this book with a younger girl at church-going really well and really helping to guide our conversation in studying the Bible more!!!! Really good and practical in encouraging prayer!!

1 Jul 2011


I have not used this with a Bible-reading partner, but it has proved useful in a small group Bible study. The questions make you think - and they are open questions (which I find some Bible study guides are not very good at - questions which require a 'yes' or 'no' answer do not stimulate discussion'). Very reasonably priced.

11 Dec 2010

“Helpful springboard for one2one”

I've enjoyed using these studies so far with a friend from church. The questions prove to be a helpful springboard to our Bible reading, and, having a young baby, ease the preparations required prior to each study.

19 May 2009

“A very helpful resource”

The balance and depth of questions in One2One is about right. As long as each person has studied the questions in advance, I've found it sufficient to set aside an hour per session including time for prayer. The passages selected for the studies are great and I'm enjoying working through them.

12 Aug 2007

“Very useful study book for use with a fellow christian.”

A friend and I have been using One2One for a short while now and have found it invaluable in our quest to grow in faith and knowledge of the Lord. Generally the questions are easily understood with only one or two exceptions. We agreed that it would have been useful to have some guide to the answers at the back of the book to ensure that we have not only understood the question properly but that we are learning correctly about God's word. Well done Andrew Cornes.

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