Putting Parenting to Bed - Leader's Guide

Uncommon sense for modern parents

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Everything that a leader needs to know about running the Putting Parenting to Bed course.

Part of the Putting Parenting to Bed series.

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Here's a great resource for any church looking to build bridges and share the gospel with the local community - a Bible-based parenting course for ordinary people from any background seeking some simple, common-sense guidance on raising children.

  • It's short - just three sessions, so it's attractive to busy parents who struggle to find babysitters.
  • It's flexible - easily converted into six shorter sessions if preferred.
  • It's accessible - based around three key principles drawn from the Bible, so nobody needs to be expert in psychology or child development to benefit.
  • It's biblical - believers and non-believers alike will benefit from the wisdom of this timeless book, whose advice countless people throughout history and across the world have found to be sound, true and helpful.

As well as liberating confused parents to enjoy their children and the adventure of raising them, this course aims to make people think about the bigger questions of life. Through this course, participants will not only benefit as parents from the Bible's wisdom, but will receive a gentle introduction to Jesus Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Course leaders can choose to deliver the main talks themselves, or use the Putting Parenting to Bed DVD presented by Ann Benton.

Download the promotional trailer to show in your church or at mums and tots groups here or view it online here.

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  • Introduction

  • 1. The trouble with parenting - parents!
    A. What is a child?
    B. Parenting pitfalls

  • 2. The big D-word - discipline!
    C. Communication
    D. Discipline

  • 3. Live and interactive - relationship!
    E. Myths and mistakes
    F. Values and virtues


Contributors Ann Benton
ISBN 9781905564224
Format Paperback
Dimensions 149mm x 210mm x 6mm
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Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

Putting Parenting to Bed is written by Ann Benton, Tim Thornborough and Anne Woodcock and has been developed out of parenting seminars presented in a number of schools and churches around the UK.

Customer reviews

30 Sep 2013

“Very good”

We used this book as research for a parenting seminar, as a result one of the ladies has started a parenting class for her neighbors who are not involved in church, using the 'putting parenting to bed' resource and has been encouraged.

29 Oct 2010

“Excellent material”

(Review written for 'Putting Parenting to Bed - Study Guide')

This parenting course is thought provoking, realistic and practical. It is flexible enough for you to tailor to your group in terms of presentation style and the time you have available. We only had 30-40 mins each week with our Toddler Group mums and while more time would obviously be great, those minutes were still really worthwhile.

21 May 2010

“Couldnt endorse the PPtB stuff strongly enough!”

We ran this course at our church and it went really, really well. About 70 people...more than half non-Christian and 3-4 couples signed up for Christianity Explored.

9 Dec 2009

“A very valuable group teaching resource”

(Review written for 'Putting Parenting to Bed - Study Guide')

We followed the course very much as set out in the Leaders Guide but adding some examples from personal experience. It was well received by the Group of 12 parents who immediately identified with the studies and have reported subsequently how they have put the strategies and understanding to practical use with their own children. It will now form the basis for regular annual parenting training in the life of the Church. It is non-threatening to folk who are not regular churchgoers and offers Gospel opporunities to engage with folk and invite them into other Church activities. A much-needed and well-crafted programme for all parents.

19 Nov 2008

“Excellent, Biblical focused parenting course”

(Review written for 'Putting Parenting to Bed - Study Guide')

We've just run this course for the first time and were impressed with how its overtly Christian 'common-sense' approach was linked together with some very practical application. This was well received and has provoked some extremely positive feedback. And it only runs for 3 weeks...
Thank you!

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