Introducing Sunday School Lessons to Accompany Our Bestselling Kids Book

Alexa Burstow | Nov 7, 2023

The Christmas Promise suite of resources has a brand new addition! 

This collection of resources, based on the bestselling storybook, is a favourite for kids and their families—and it’s a great way of teaching children the Christmas story. Read on for details of all our resources based on The Christmas Promise

New to the Series: Sunday School Lessons for Kids of All Ages

The Christmas Promise Sunday School Lessons

The Christmas Promise Sunday School Lessons


A three-session Sunday School curriculum, based on the best-selling book The Christmas Promise. Includes a family-service outline.

This three-session curriculum delves into what God promised centuries before the first Christmas: a forever King, a rescuing King and a new King. Children will learn that Jesus is the best Ruler we could ever hope for, that he transforms fear of judgment into joy, and that he welcomes all sorts of people from all over the world into his kingdom.

Featuring age-differentiated lesson plans for 3-5s, 5-8s and 8-12s, this flexible resource will work for any size of kids' group and is easy to use for any leader.

Includes ideas for activities, crafts and games, along with an exclusive link and password for free downloadable PDFs which contain all the relevant Bible passages, questions, activity sheets, and resources for certain activities, games and crafts, as well as downloads of all the illustrations from the storybook.

Sample session 1 for free here.

Enjoy the Christmas Story with This Hardback book for 3-6s

The Christmas Promise Storybook

The Christmas Promise Storybook


Bible storybook that teaches young children about how God kept his promise to send a new, rescuing, forever king.

A captivating retelling of the Christmas story showing how God kept his promise to send a king unlike any other: a new, rescuing forever king.

Superb illustrations by Catalina Echeverri and faithful, Bible-centred story-telling by Alison Mitchell, author of The Storm that Stopped, Jesus and the Lion's Den and The One O'Clock Miracle, combine to make this a book that both parents and children will love.

Children 3-6 years old will learn the true meaning and significance of Christmas. Its hardback cover makes it a beautiful gift.

Save on The Christmas Promise Suite with bundle deals; pair the Storybook with the Sunday School Curriculum, the Colouring Book or the Advent Calendar, or get a pack of ten storybooks for less.

Countdown to Christmas with This Advent Calendar for Families

The Christmas Promise Advent Calendar

The Christmas Promise Advent Calendar


Advent Calendar linked with The Christmas Promise storybook. Includes 25 family devotionals.

This 25-door lift-the-flap Advent calendar will help kids to get even more excited about Christmas as they count down to Christmas Day! Each window opens to reveal a rich, full-colour illustration of the events of the first Christmas that match those in The Christmas Promise storybook. It comes with a whole month of Christmas family devotions to help families with children 5-11 years old to focus on Jesus in the run-up to Christmas.

Accessible Board Book for Toddlers 

The Christmas Promise Board Book

The Christmas Promise Board Book


Christmas book for toddlers that teaches them that Jesus is God’s special king.

Using simple sentences and stunning illustrations, this 16-page robust board book introduces toddlers to the events of the very first Christmas, teaching them that Jesus is God’s special King.

Exciting Colouring and Activity Book for 5-8s

The Christmas Promise Colouring and Activity Book

The Christmas Promise Colouring and Activity Book


Colouring and activity book for kids ages 4-8 based around 'The Christmas Promise' Bible storybook.

With 32 pages of colouring, puzzles, mazes and activities, this book helps children aged 5-8 interact more fully with the story told in The Christmas Promise. Children will discover exactly how God kept his promise to send a new King, a rescuing King, a forever King! 

Finally, check out the full size downloadable illustrations, perfect for read-aloud time. 

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