Bible-Based Advent Activity Ideas for Kids and Families

Bethany McIlrath | 2 Nov 2023

The Christmas season is such a sweet time for families - but it’s also a busy one!

It can be a challenge to keep the focus on Christ in December. We've rounded up some practical recommendations below that can help your family spend a little time together daily celebrating our wonderful Saviour.

1. Use a Bible-Centred Advent Calendar

Advent calendars with little treats inside aren't very hard to find - but Bible-centred alternatives can be.

Skip the sugar rush and engage your family in the truth with one of our Advent calendars that comes with an Advent devotional. For example, our new God's Big Promises Advent Calendar with Family Devotional includes a beautiful 25-door Advent calendar and a booklet of 25 short family devotions to read together.

God's Big Promises Advent Calendar and Family Devotions

God's Big Promises Advent Calendar and Family Devotions


25-door Advent calendar linked with God's Big Promises Bible Storybook. Includes 25 family devotions.

2. Try Multi-Age 10-minute Family Devotions

If you've got multiple kids of different ages, you know it can be challenging to keep everyone engaged in one activity together. Multi-age family devotionals, like The God of Amazing Gifts, include questions for different age groups to help everyone get into the Bible together. Some, like The Adventure of Christmas, are designed to take just 10 minutes and require no prep.

The God of Amazing Gifts

The God of Amazing Gifts


Advent devotional to help the whole family get even more excited about Jesus, God’s greatest Christmas gift.

3. Engage Kids With Bible-Centred Activity Books

There will probably be times throughout December when kids need to keep occupied independently. Colouring sheets, a sticker book, or a seek-and-find book are great options. Several of our interactive resources are based on the Christmas story, making it easy for your kids to engage with the materials while still considering the true meaning of Christmas. 

God's Big Promises Christmas Sticker and Activity Book

God's Big Promises Christmas Sticker and Activity Book


A fun activity book bringing the Christmas story to life. Based on God's Big Promises Bible Storybook.

4. Read about the True Story of Christmas Together

Finding stories about Christmas isn’t hard. Who doesn’t love a picture book with a classic rhyme, a fictional story about presents and generosity, or a creative origin story about candy canes? Including some nonfiction books that retell the true story of Christmas is a great way to keep Christ at the centre of your celebration. 

A Very Noisy Christmas

A Very Noisy Christmas


A fun re-telling of the Christmas story for young children, including regular invitations to make some noise!

5. Bake Through the Bible

If you’re baking as a family this Christmas, use that time as an opportunity to focus on Christ! Bake through the Bible at Christmas is a book of 12 cooking activities that connect to Christmas Bible stories. 

Bake through the Bible

Bake through the Bible


Explore the Bible with your child while cooking through 20 delicious recipes!

To see all of our Christmas resources for families, click here.

Bethany McIlrath

Bethany McIlrath loves to get lost in a book and to help others discover their next read in her marketing role at The Good Book Company. When she's not reading stories, she's usually writing them or dreaming about them as she comes up with real-life creative adventures for friends, her husband, and a doorbell-like dog named Indy. Serving in children's ministry is also one of her greatest joys.

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