Jesus and the Lions' Den Storybook

A true story about how Daniel points us to Jesus

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Bible storybook that helps young children discover how Daniel points to Jesus.

Part of the Tales that Tell the Truth series.

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Help children to see the gospel heart of the whole Bible as they discover how Daniel points to Jesus.

The story of Daniel and the Lions' Den teaches children many things... It teaches them about praying; it teaches them about Daniel’s faithfulness to God, and God’s faithfulness to Daniel; and it teaches them that God is the real king of everyone everywhere.

But if you peel back another layer, you’ll see that like the rest of the Old Testament, it also points to Jesus.

This stunningly-illustrated retelling of Daniel and the lions' den helps children to see Jesus in the story of Daniel. It challenges children to spot the ‘Jesus moments’ by looking out for the hidden lion symbols. It goes on to explain the parallels between Jesus and Daniel, so that children can see the gospel heart of the whole Bible.

A great gift for children aged 3-6.

There is an accompanying colouring and activity book available for purchase.

Product details


  • Jesus and the Lions' Den


Age range: 3+
Contributors Alison Mitchell, Catalina Echeverri
ISBN 9781784984335
Format Hardback
First published September 2019
Dimensions 220mm x 260mm x 10mm
Weight 0.45 kg
Language English
Pages 32
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Part of the award-winning Tales That Tell The Truth series.


Christopher Ash

Writer in Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge.

Vivid, lively, thoughtful and perceptive. The way in which pointers to the bigger story of Jesus are introduced is imaginative and engaging. I shall give this to my grandchildren!

Mary Mohler

Author, Growing in Gratitude

"Jesus and the Lions’ Den" is a delightful story that makes a beeline to Christ from the teachings of the Old Testament. Alison Mitchell carefully and cleverly ties Daniel’s life story to Jesus moments that will serve to help her young readers grasp the exciting truth of the gospel.

Dan DeWitt

Dean of Boyce College and author of Jesus or Nothing

Alison has written an outstanding book to help children (and adults too) understand how Jesus is the hero of every story in the Bible. The title tells the whole tale, "Jesus and the Lions' Den." With the signature illustrations that we've come to expect from Catalina, this story comes to life to show how Jesus is the King of everyone everywhere.

Independent reviews

Jesus and the what?!

Robin Ham, That Happy Certainty, 17 Sep 2019

You could be forgiven for misreading the title of this new children’s book from dynamic duo, Alison Mitchell and Catalina Echeverri! Is it a misprint? Or maybe like one of my favourite bands, Noah and the Whale, it’s some attempt at a quirky mix up?
No, actually Jesus and the Lion’s Den is entirely intentional and entirely revealing. That said, it’s not something I think I’ve ever seen before in a children’s book…... continue reading


Wait, what? JESUS and the Lions’ Den?

Diane Strotz, Diane Stortz, 16 May 2020

Because yes, this is the story of Daniel and the Lions, but with a twist! This book links the story of Daniel to the life and purpose of Jesus.

So much of the Old Testament points to Jesus, but it’s often hard for children to catch. This delightful picture book helps them begin to understand.

And it is so much fun!... continue reading

Customer reviews

6 Oct 2021


I love this book - such a wonderfully clever idea! The "Jesus moments" that are pulled out of the story of Daniel are great. My daughter knows the story of Daniel & the Lions' Den, but this re-telling highlights ways Daniel reflects Jesus and it's phenomenal! Such a wonderful way to help children connect Jesus throughout the Bible. It's a book to have in your collection for sure!

I would love to see Alison Mitchel do these "Jesus moments" in other Bible stories as well.

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