Why did Jesus die? (Pack of 25)

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Pack of 25 short evangelistic tracts for adults based on Mark 15:33-39. It explains the meaning of the Jesus' death as a substitute.

Part of the Why Did Jesus series.

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Pack of 25 short evangelistic tracts for adults based on Mark 15 v 33-39. It explains the meaning of the Jesus' death as a substitute. There is a direct call to respond to the message in repentance and faith, and a prayer of commitment is included. Suitable for a wide variety of evangelistic uses, and for use at Easter/Good Friday events.

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Contributors Tim Thornborough
ISBN 9781905564637
Format Tract
Dimensions 105mm x 149mm x 25mm
Weight 0.18 kg
Language English
Pages 6
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

This tract is part of our Access for All range, where care has been taken to write in clear, simple English, so it is accessible to the widest range of adults and those with English as an additional language.

Customer reviews

Aug 11, 2018

“Great material”

(Review written for 'Why Did Jesus die? (Access for All)')

Great material, well priced, prompt delivery

Apr 9, 2016

“Good Quality”

(Review written for 'Why Did Jesus die? (Access for All)')

These were good quality tracts with a clear presentation of the gospel. Ordering was simple and delivery was quick.

May 2, 2012

“great for personal evangelism”

I fine this tract helpful in stimulating discussion, it is not one that I would just hand out that would not explore its potential.

Jun 26, 2011

“Very good product”

We used this on our free literature table for our Easter services. Its message is clear and the format of the booklet makes it easy to read. Several people attending our Easter activities took it. I would definately order it again.

May 19, 2008

“A good and simple explanation of the events on Good Friday”

We only ordered 25 of these tracts, but they were all gone after one Easter service. I found the 4 point explanation of what happened on Good Friday very clear and very helpful.
I was a little less pleased with what we need to do in response to this. Becoming God's friends seems such a poor alternative of becoming His children and rescuer doesn't have the same ring to it as Saviour.
However, the design is great, the front and back simple but attractive and we will order this tract again.

Apr 17, 2008

“Why did Jesus die? Is an excellent resorce to give away.”

We ordered this leaflet for our church at Easter and have been using it ever since. It's strenghs are it uses scripture (the account of the crucifixion in Mark's Gospel). Then it explains the key points (the darkness, the cry, the curtain in the temple being torn and the Roman commanders reaction) in a quick and simple way. It ends with a challenge and then simply lays out what it means to become a Christian. The cover design is simple and atractive and the back allows plenty of room for a contact address or number. It is ideal as a leaflet to be given away when doing door-to-door evangelism or to be put on display for people to take at a back of a church.

Mar 10, 2008

“Is sin merely a problem?”

Disappointing that so much evangelistic material today, like this tract, talk about sin as primarily spoiling our lives and hurting other people and separating us from God, so we cannot be God's friend. This is all me-centred - but sin is against God, it is high treason against the God of the universe - it is utterly awful. The true character of sin must be clear if true repentance is going to follow - real hatred of sin and a desparation to be rid of it. The idea of sin being a 'problem that needs solving' is not helpful - if someone had murdered my wife, I would not talk about this offence as a problem that had come between me and the murderer.

Can we be bolder in our tract writing?

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