Living without Worry

How to replace anxiety with peace

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Practical help to identify when our godly concern turns into sinful worry and how we can use Scripture to cast our concerns upon the Lord.

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Worry is an extremely common yet unchallenged problem, and many people don’t know how to practically stop worrying, even if they know they need to.

This warm and pastoral book by Tim Lane helps readers to see when godly concern turns into sinful worry, and how scripture can be used to cast our concerns upon the Lord. Christians will discover how to replace anxiety with peace, freeing them to live life to the full.

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  • 1. Why not worry?
    2. What is worry?
    3. Worry and your past
    4. Worry and your future
    5. Worry and your present
    6. How to start to change
    7. Realistic truths
    8. How to actually cast your anxiety on God
    9. What would Jesus say?

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Contributors Timothy Lane
ISBN 9781909919372
Format Paperback
First published March 2015
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 11.2mm
Weight 0.16 kg
Language English
Pages 144
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Frank A James III

President and Professor of Historical Theology, Biblical Theological Seminary

Timothy Lane boldly tackles one of the pervasive issues of the last 2000 years that trouble Christians—worry. He reminds us that behind our worry is a spiritual battle that draws our attention away from God and drains our energy. This is a thoughtful, honest and biblically-engaged book that will encourage you to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus amid the trials and tribulations of this weary world.

Bob Inglis

former Member of Congress

Tim writes like he preaches—from Scripture. Surely, if we’re going to find release from worry, we must find the One who is greater than us. Tim points us to him in this well-written, easily-studied book.

Clyde Christensen

Quarterback Coach, Indianapolis Colts, 2002 – present

Living Without Worry tremendously helped me understand the roots, causes and effects of worry. It clearly addresses what the Bible says about overcoming worry and replacing it with peace and trust in God. I don’t know of anyone not affected by worry; may God help you conquer those worries as you read this book.

Customer reviews

3 Jan 2022

“practical, Bible based resource”

I’m not a worrier. I bought this book because I need help in understanding a problem outside my experience so that I may preach and counsel pastorally. This book has been an excellent resource and I regret that I didn’t spot it when it was first published.
The outline of the book is clear, definitions in chapters 1 and 2; worry caused by past, present or future issues in chapters 3 - 6 and the final section is practical help for those who are anxious, chapters 9-11. All this is faithful Bible teaching and I thoroughly recommend this book.
I have only one reservation, and that concerns what I consider to be an omission.
In chapter 2, page 20, in the context of emphasising that worry is not the same as concern, the author writes, “worry, or over-concern, thinks and acts as though everything is up to you…”. I totally agree, but looked in vain for a return to this issue later in the book. My experience is that this is the major source of anxiety among church leaders (I would also add “church” to the list of “over-loves” in this chapter). I would love to read how Timothy Lane would deal with this, perhaps a new chapter if there is to be a second edition of this fine book.

1 May 2020

“Excellent book.”

Well written, comprehensive book which is Christ centred, encouraging us to lean hard on The Lord, allow Him to lead us, believe His promises in His Word and trust Him implicitly.

4 Oct 2018


Everything delivered on time.

19 Nov 2016

“Made a difference to me”

Chapter 6 on combating your worring in the present was brilliant and made a changing impact on my life.

17 Dec 2015

“Best book on the subject”

This book has been so helpful to me, and I have read many on the subject of anxiety and worry. There is a clear Biblical basis which does not try to dodge the question every Christian must surely ask: is worry a sin? The answer is yes, of course it is, because it shows that we do not trust God's words to us. But the answer comes with so much grace, demonstrated by the compassion that Jesus has for his "little flock". He loves us, and he desires that we love him too and find the courage to walk with him through the darkest valleys. The author clearly writes about the hope and process of change, through meditating on God's word and deepening our relationship with Christ. Whatever our fears and however deep seated they may be, this book breathes the grace of God into our individual situations and helps us to go forward with courage and joy, our hand in the hand of the Saviour. May we readers all share the comfort we have found with a fellow sufferer that they too may realise that they can begin the process of replacing worry with peace.

6 Oct 2015

“Very helpful and practical”

I recommend this book to anyone who struggles with worry. The author shows us how, through God's word, we ought to respond to this issue which affects so many. And he does so in a humble and non-judgemental way.

5 May 2015

“Sensitive, direct and giving a firm basis to challenge our predisposion to worry”

It was very helpful to hit square on that we should be worried about one thing, the God who decides our destiny; then that the gospel assures us that that worry has been dealt with by Jesus' sacrifice for us, so nothing else to fear! It covers the bases of our past, present and future and in giving scriptural advice, I found most helpful the final chapters dealing with Paul in Corinth and "fear not, little flock". I guess combating worry will be a work in progress for most us most of the time, but this book definitely helps us turn the tide in our lives.

1 May 2015

“Clear, insightful and practical. ”

(Review written for 'Living without Worry (ebook)')

As a pastoral counsellor, I am often looking for good resources that help me grow in my understanding of particular struggles and that can also be useful to those I counsel. Tim Lane's book is fantastic on both counts.

I would recommend "Living Without Worry" to others because it is theologically clear, pastorally insightful, and practically helpful. It will not only help you understand what worry is, but also how it can be dealt with.

Dr Lane writes with humility and gentleness, which is hugely helpful for those who struggle with anxiety. He is also aware that someone who is not a Christian might be reading the book, and so he caters for a wide readership - which, I think, enhances the book's value. So this is a book I would gladly give to someone who is exploring the Christian faith.

Dr Lane's discussion on meditation was particularly helpful, as he reminds us that increased knowledge alone will not help us change. We must learn to relate to God, on the basis of accurate biblical knowledge, in order to change and grow. In other words, replacing anxiety with peace is a relational process.

Succinct but not simplistic, this book deals with worry biblically, pastorally and practically - and will be an enormously helpful resource for your own personal growth, or in pastoral care for others.

I highly recommend it.

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