I Forgive You

Finding Peace and Moving Forward When Life Really Hurts

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How to forgive, find peace and move forward, even when it’s hard.

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Life gets messy sometimes. When relationships break down and you're deeply hurt, it can feel impossible to move forward. But the Bible has wisdom for a way through. Author Wendy Alsup helps us find it in the story of Joseph and his brothers.

Find space to process your emotions, explore what repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation actually look like, and see how peace, freedom and fruitfulness really are possible, even when certain things can't be fixed.

Readers will also be encouraged by the reminder of God’s ultimate plan for reconciliation and can look forward to being part of it in the new creation.

Includes present-day examples and stories of lives transformed by the power of forgiveness, including the author’s own struggles.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Joseph Wept: The Pain of Loss
  • 2. Our Greatest Need: God's Plan for Reconciliation
  • 3. In the Middle: Living While Waiting
  • 4. The Reckoning: Recognizing the Wrong
  • 5. Judah's Turn: Repenting of Sin
  • 6. Amazing Grace: Forgiving the Debt
  • 7. Foundation Work: Repairing the Damage
  • 8. Cracks of Gold: Restoring the Relationship
  • Conclusion

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Author Wendy Alsup
ISBN 9781784986865
Format Paperback
First published January 2022
Dimensions 135mm x 216mm x 11mm
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company

Nancy Guthrie

Author and Bible teacher

From the first page to the last, I read this book with a lump in my throat and sometimes tears in my eyes. I experienced what I think most readers will experience as they read it—a connection to its stories and truths as one who has both resisted extending forgiveness and needed to be forgiven. While admitting that it might take time and will likely be messy and complex, Wendy makes the miracle of grace required for forgiveness, confession, repentance, and release seem possible. This is the hope we all need to take a step forward.

J. Alasdair Groves

Executive Director, CCEF

This is an honest book. Alsup is not writing an abstract treatise on forgiveness and reconciliation, but has rather interwoven the deeply personal threads of her own story with a profound and extended meditation on the life of Joseph and his protracted reconciliation with his brothers. If you’ve been wounded and need a patient friend on the fragile path of redemption, I would highly commend I Forgive You.

Helen Thorne

Director of Training and Resources, Biblical Counselling UK

In this fallen world, none of us are immune from hurt or hurting others. If we’re honest, most of us find forgiveness hard. In this easy-to-read book, Wendy Alsup gives us space to wrestle with the complexity of forgiveness and encouragement to desire it. Our eyes are lifted to the God who is sovereign, gracious, and kind—and that’s always a hope-filled place for a struggling Christian to gaze toward.

Customer reviews


“Really Encouraging Read”

A book that feels both biblically faithful and pastorally-centred. Looking at the story of Joseph in Genesis, we see what it truly looks like to forgive, even when you have been badly wronged. For those of us who are trusting in Jesus, we have been forgiven beyond compare and we now forgive out of that grace. If you're struggling to forgive someone or feel in real need of someone else's forgiveness, this is a great start.


“Forgiveness is hard but possible”

Can things be repaired when deep hurts and wrongs are committed? Forgiving can be hard to do, but we have a great example in scripture of how that looks through the example of Joseph and his brothers (found in the book of Genesis.) In this book Wendy Alsup walks us through this beautiful story of forgiveness and reconciliation, along with her personal testimony.

Her transparency and vulnerability to share her struggles as a great way to see how she used the truths in scripture shown to help her to practically work through forgiving others. This will too give you hope for working through trials in your life where forgiveness seems hard.

This book does not include discussion questions, but I think it would be a good book to read with a close friend to bring about conversations on forgiveness. Do you have someone you need to forgive? Have you committed a wrong against someone and need their forgiveness? Start with this book and join Wendy as she journeys through how God helped Joseph forgive his brothers and how you can do the same by the same power.


“Encouraging, Challenging, Gospel-centered”

As always, Wendy Alsup has challenged and encouraged me with her new book “I Forgive You.” She takes a detailed look at one of the most beautiful lessons on forgiveness in Scripture, the story of Joseph. Throughout her thorough exegesis of Genesis 37-50, she weaves her personal experiences with ambiguous loss, broken relationships, and physical pain and how God used all those circumstances to teach her both the cost and the immense blessing of forgiveness. Ultimately, she reminds the reader that Joseph’s story, her story, and your story all point to THE story - the grand story of Christ’s redemption and forgiveness toward his image-bearers.

“I Forgive You” will remind you of how much you have been forgiven and leave you thankful while urging you to reach further to forgive those who have harmed you for the glory of God.


“Biblical Look at Forgiveness”

I Forgive You is a book on what biblical forgiveness, repentance, and reconciliation look like set to the backdrop of the story of Joseph in Genesis 37-45. Throughout the book, Wendy pulls from her own life experiences to illustrate the need, power, and challenges of forgiveness in an authentic way.

If you have ever been betrayed or deeply hurt, this book will comfort and convict you. Without knowing me, Wendy made me feel seen. She did not write this for me, yet God ordained that it would end up in my hands. Wendy constantly points back to scripture throughout the book and utilizing very sound exegesis and heavily emphasizing the gospel.


“Very helpful.”

I Forgive You by Wendy Alsup

"I forgive you. …...what do these words mean to you? Are these words you still long to hear? Are they the words you still struggle to say? Maybe they are the words you have heard but can't quite believe or the words you have said but still battle to really mean."

Wendy writes about her own journey to forgive and the forgiveness that she has seen from others that has touched her soul. She talks about divorce, spiritual abuse, and racism. She encourages us to do our very best to make reconciliation "as far as it depends on you" and as far as it is safe to do so. We are encouraged to look at our own hearts to see if we have to ask forgiveness from any one. 

This book digs into the life of Joseph and his own journey to forgiveness. There are questions about the complexities of the recores account that we will never know the answers to, but Wendy asks them. Many of the points she makes while dissecting the chapters of Genesis are very eye opening.  

This book would be a very helpful addition to anyone who is struggling to forgive and for anyone who clings to Joseph's story of forgiveness. It is a short 8 chapter book but is full of amazing advice and great nuggets of wisdom.

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I Forgive You | Wendy Alsup | $19.99