Psalms For You

How to pray, how to feel and how to sing

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Expository Bible-study guide to the Psalms that helps you to see Jesus in each one.

Part of the God's Word For You series.

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The King's Choir: Singing the Psalms with Jesus

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Christopher Ash shows us how to read and apply the book of Psalms. He takes us through 15 pairs of psalms that represent various ‘types’—including some that are very familiar and some that are often ignored.

He helps us to see how they are fulfilled by Jesus and therefore point to Jesus first and foremost, transforming how we read them, enjoy them and sing them.

Christopher Ash comments that this understanding of the Psalms "can shape the dynamics of our Christian lives in ways that neither a dry and arid intellectualism nor a rootless emotionalism can do. The Psalms can make us Christians with deep feelings, deep emotions, deep thoughts, and deep desires."

There is an accompanying Good Book Guide available for small group Bible studies.

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  • Introduction
    1. At the entrance gate (Psalms 1–2)
    2. The King's victory (11, 20)
    3. Psalms of trust (22-23)
    4. Psalms of trust II (31, 40)
    5. Learning to lament (42–44)
    6. Under pressure (57, 59)
    7. Creation to redemption (65, 67)
    8. Celebrating (45, 72)
    9. The pain of exile (73–74)
    10. The delight of home (84, 87)
    11. Security (90-91)
    12. Judgment and rescue (95, 107)
    13. Betrayal and promise (109-110)
    14. Going up to Zion (122, 126)
    15. Pain and comfort (137, 139)
    16. The final hallelujah! (145, 148)

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Contributors Christopher Ash
ISBN 9781784984151
Format Paperback
First published February 2020
Dimensions 135mm x 216mm x 17mm
Weight 0.35 kg
Print size 9.0pt
Language English
Pages 288
Publisher The Good Book Company
Independent reviews

Psalms for You is a valuable addition to the Good Book Company’s ‘For You’ series

Robin Ham, That Happy Certainty, 1 Sep 2020

This is an encouraging source of devotional material, offering the reader a spiritual guide to walk through thirty-two psalms, but it will also be a great aid and stimulant to those preaching through the psalms. I’ve certainly found it such as we’ve preached through various psalms over this summer (!).... continue reading

Customer reviews

2 Dec 2020

“Psalms For You”

Our Bible study group is using this book. Members have copies and some are using ‘Psalms for You’ to prepare material for all the group.

We are finding that Christopher Ash has used his knowledge of the Psalms to write lucid explanations of them. He shows how we might use them in worship together as well as privately. He leads us into the breadth of praying and thanksgiving that the Psalms cover. As well as knowing the Psalms, it is clear that Christopher Ash loves and enjoys them. His skill as a communicator means that he entices us towards the enthusiasm he has for the Psalms.

He not only sees the Psalms as our Lord’s own hymn book and prayer book, but encourages us to see how the Psalms can speak of the Lord Jesus himself. Seeing how the Psalms do this concerning the Lord Jesus is one of the values of studying ‘Psalms for You’.

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Psalms For You | Christopher Ash |
$26.99 $18.89