5 Things to Pray for the People you Love

Prayers that change things for your friends and family

Transform your prayer life with fresh prayer ideas for your friends and family, all drawn from Scripture.

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Brilliantly simple but effective
“A brilliantly simple but hugely effective means of stimulating your prayer life for church, mission, family and friends.”
Trevor Archer
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We love our friends and family, and we long for God to be working in their lives. But when it comes to praying for them, often we don't quite know what to ask for. Or our requests to God on their behalf feel shallow, repetitive and stuck in a rut.

That's where this little book is designed to help. It will equip you to pray powerful prayers for the people you love—prayers that really change things, because they're based on God's word.

Each spread takes a passage of Scripture and suggests 5 things to pray for a person in your life. Because when we pray in line with God's priorities as found in his word, our prayers are powerful and effective (James 5 v 16)—and that's a truly thrilling prospect.

Use this book in any number of ways: work through it as part of your daily quiet time, or pick it up whenever someone you know is in particular need of prayer.

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  • Praying for the people in your life
  • 1. A Christian parent
  • 2. A wife
  • 3. A husband
  • 4. A baby
  • 5. A school-aged child
  • 6. A teenager
  • 7. An elderly relative
  • 8. A neighbour
  • 9. My colleagues
  • 10. A non-Christian friend
  • 11. A Christian friend
  • Praying through life's ups and downs
  • 12. A Christian going through a hard time
  • 13. A Christian who is sick
  • 14. A Christian struggling with sin
  • 15. A loved one making a decision
  • 16. A loved one changing jobs or location
  • 17. Praying when someone you love has died trusting in Christ
  • 18. Praying when someone you love has died not trusting in Christ
  • Seasonal prayers
  • 19. A loved one on their birthday
  • 20. A loved one at Christmas
  • 21. A loved one at Easter time


Author Rachel Jones
ISBN 9781910307397
Format Paperback
First published 2016
Dimensions 110mm x 178mm x 5.2mm
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company

The Puritan William Gurnall once said: ‘Prayer is nothing but the promise reversed or God’s word turned inside out and formed into an argument and retorted back again upon God by faith.’ It sounds great. But what does it look like in practice? 5 Things to Pray for the People You Love and 5 Things to Pray for Your Church answer that question. They’ll walk you through using God’s word in prayer. And praying God’s word is my number one tip to help people invigorate their prayer life. So read these books and invigorate your prayers.

Tim Chester

Pastor of Grace Church, Boroughbridge, and author of You Can Pray (IVP)

Five Things is a brilliantly simple but hugely effective means of stimulating your prayer life for church, mission, family and friends. Accessible and attractive, with lots of Scripture to focus prayer, it will be a great tool for churches to help members to pray regularly and creatively

Trevor Archer

FIEC Training Director

I recommend this series to you on basis of the simple fact that they moved me to pray. They both showed me ways to pray for my church and my loved ones and they kindled in my heart a <em>want<em> to pray. These are simple books, with the modest and eternally profound aim to show how the Bible informs our prayers. Rachel Jones manages the difficult work in withdrawing from the picture and leaving the reader to see how simple it is to align our prayers with the will of our listening Father. These books could well be a cause of great blessing for your church and people you love.

John Hindley

Pastor of BroadGrace church Norfolk, and author of Serving Without Sinking and You Can Really Grow

Independent reviews

Praying for my church

Tom Woolford, Church Society, December 14th 2015

Rachel has just put together something delightfully simple and useful: taking 21 Bible verses or paragraphs, she has turned each into sets of five short guided intercessions for the church and published it as a little 90-page paperback. The spread of biblical material means there’s a good balanced diet of praise, thanksgiving, confession, and supplication.... continue reading

5 Things to Pray for your Church

Robin Ham, That Happy Certainty, January 27th 2016

If you feel like your prayer life could do with a bit of support, a bit of inspiration or input, then you’ve only got the price of a pint to lose: get this book and give it a go. I’d imagine it would also be great to give away to a church small group, or perhaps to some of the leaders in your church as they consider what it looks like to partner in prayer for the church.... continue reading

"Worth placing in the hands of every church member"

Dan Green, Blog of Dan, February 3rd 2015

I really liked this book. I liked it’s variety. … Most of all I liked that because all the examples of prayers to pray are taken from God’s Word, using this book leads you to pray for the things that God actually wants to you to pray.
Here’s a book worth placing in the hands of every church member.... continue reading

Customer reviews

“Focused Praying”

(Review written for '5 Things to Pray for your Church')

I have been a committed church member for many years, but was aware that my prayers for my church were rather vague and unfocused. I saw this book advertised, and although my first thought was 'only five things to pray?', it was very reasonably priced so I bought it. I discovered that in fact there are far more than just five things to pray for! I was impressed that each section was based on a passage of scripture and the 'five things' within each topic related to part of that bible passage. The book has helped me to be much more focused in my prayers, and has pointed me to specific groups or areas within the church, and also in the 'wider church'. I gave a copy to my pastor and to a friend, both of whom found it very helpful, and we have now purchased copies to encourage all of our church to pray.


“Excellent ”

(Review written for '5 Things to Pray for your Church')

Brilliant resource. Highly recommended.


“Excellent ”

(Review written for '5 Things to Pray for your Church')

I found the book resourceful with helpful point of prayer, l have recommend it to others.


“Praying God's Word into people's lives”

(Review written for '5 Things to Pray for your Church')

Great little book, full of useful Scriptures to help you focus your prayers for the church, for a variety of situations. Praying God's Word into people's lives. We got a supply for our church and they were very well received.


“Essential tool”

(Review written for '5 Things to Pray for your Church')

One of our congregation found this little book and we use it every Friday prayer night expecting to pray through it twice each year, absolutely essential tool for all churches.


“Invaluable for church leaders and essential for church members”

(Review written for '5 Things to Pray for your Church')

'5 things to pray for your church' is one of the rare breed of books that is so simple and straightforward yet brings about a deep and significant change in your life.

As someone in church leadership, I spend large portions of time in prayer for the church (both local and global) that I serve. This book has not only challenged me on how unstructured and poorly founded on the Bible my prayers were, but it has provided me with (and made up for) what was so desperately lacking in my prayers for the church.

The book has a succinct and really helpful introduction that sets out the purpose and format of the book. It then has 21 areas/topics for prayer for the church, with 5 things to pray in each of these areas. Each topic is founded on key Bible texts, with each of the subsequent 5 prayer points being drawn explicitly from verses in these Bible texts. Since working my way through the book, I have found that I often think of other related things to pray for and find that my prayer time has begun to naturally expand and deepen as a result.

Because of these things, '5 things to pray for your church' is an invaluable tool to help shape and strengthen the prayer ministry of church leaders. It is also an essential resource for church members to help them to be active in prayer for their churches (both leaders and other members), too.

Please note, I was given this book free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.


“Excellent resource”

Highly recommend this book. Very practical and applied, encourages praying for the church based on the promises and teaching of God.



A useful book for oneself or to give to praying friends. Gives helpful points and reminders of how to pray creatively in a variety of situations especially when details are not known.


“Praying the Bible”

(Review written for '5 Things to Pray for the People you Love (ebook)')

The only problem with this book is that it wasn't written years ago. In over forty years as a parish minister I have met many Christians struggling with their prayer live and I wish that this book, and its companion title, had been available then. There are two great strengths in Rachel Jones' approach. The first is that she gets us praying. Praying teaches lessons about prayer which can never be learned by reading about it. The second is that it turns us to Scripture. "All things necessary for God's glory and our salvation, faith and life" are found in Scripture and Rachel directs us to what God teaches us about prayer. This is praying God's will.


“Highly recommended”

(Review written for '5 Things to Pray for your Church')

Fully Bible based, good, useful resource to encourage members to pray informatively and specifically for their fellowship. Highly recommended.


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