Bestsellers of 2023

Avery Powers | Dec 3, 2023

It’s that time of year again! We loved spending 2023 poring over God’s Word with you. To celebrate, here’s a list of your favourite books of the year (also known as our bestsellers). 

Take a look at each one below, and maybe pick out a few for your Christmas list!

10. Truth For Life - Volume 1

Truth For Life is designed to supplement your daily time in the Word. In one page a day, Alistair Begg delivers key truths that point you closer to Christ.

If you liked volume 1, you’ll love Truth for Life - Volume 2. This edition is much like the first, but with a whole series of new insights from Alistair Begg. Grab it for 2024!

“This isn't a light-hearted, make-you-feel-good devotional. This is truth that focuses on God, leads you to God, and keeps you in God's Word. Outstanding!” - TGBC Customer

9. Enjoying God

We believe in, know and love God. But do we enjoy him? What would that look like?

In Enjoying God, Tim Chester shows us how we can know God’s presence and enjoy him each day—regardless of our situation. The book features reflection questions at the end of each chapter to help you think through the topics discussed.

“Some books are perfect for reading in a day or two. Enjoying God is not one of them. It’s like smoking a good brisket and needs time to be pondered over for a season as you apply the action steps and learn to enjoy God more.” - TGBC Customer

8. Hope Explored

Hope Explored looks at the life, death and resurrection of Christ in three video-based sessions. This evangelistic course was developed by Christianity Explored to help you impact your community with the gospel.

Check out more courses developed by Christianity Explored at the link. You’ll find courses on discipleship, life, Christianity itself and more!

“The Hope Explored material is excellent. It is not only a great resource for outreach but to stir our hearts as believers and rekindle our everlasting hope in Jesus. Highly recommended to run in small groups and as an outreach. As a three-week course it is a great first step to introduce the good news of Jesus Christ to our neighbours.” - TGBC Customer

7. The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

This beloved storybook essentially shares the one big story of the Bible, leading from the Garden of Eden up to the death and resurrection of Jesus—and the new creation that is to come. This book is a favourite to many!

This book has so many resources and related products that we can’t list them all here, but you can find curriculum, board books, colouring books and more at the link.

“We absolutely love the Tales that Tell the Truth series, but this book is our favourite. We go back to it time and time again. It gives my kids a complete view of Scripture as being one big story, rather than a bunch of unrelated individual stories.” - TGBC Customer

6. A Very Noisy Christmas

Toddlers love to get loud. Why not capitalise on that to engage them with the Christmas story?

In A Very Noisy Christmas, little ones can enjoy singing along with the angel and shouting with the shepherds. We’re fans of the diverse illustrations and the way the book creatively tells the story of Jesus’ birth!

“This retelling of the Christmas story is so engaging for little ones, both my 18 month old and 3 year old love it. Lots of fun and telling the wonderful truth of Jesus' birth. Thoroughly recommended!” - TGBC Customer

5. The Christmas Surprise

This little book teaches toddlers all about the first Christmas! It’s compact and durable, making it the perfect book to throw in the nappy bag or leave in your baby’s cot during naptime. 

“I love these books so much! A wonderful modern presentation of the wonderful word of God. These books capture the Joy of the Lord every time they work on a new message … This book sums up the real reason for the season and I bought 30 copies for our toddler group Christmas present.” - TGBC Customer

4. The Air We Breathe

The Air We Breathe has become a fast favourite. Glen Scrivener argues that our most prized values in the West—things like freedom, kindness, progress and equality—are not only distinctly Christian, but originate with Christ himself.

To get even more out of each chapter, try out our free small-group kit. Videos and discussion questions are included for each chapter!

“I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Western history, social issues, or religious history. I found this fascinating, and despite how well-versed I already am with the topic, I learned a lot.” - TGBC Customer

3. Being the Bad Guys

If you’ve shied away from sharing the gospel out of fear that you’d be viewed as bigoted or hateful, you’re not alone. In Being the Bad Guys, author Stephen McAlpine unpacks the reasons our culture has come to see believers as the bad guys. He encourages believers to celebrate their faith and offers ways to cope with our ever-evolving, ever-contrary culture.

“If you, like me, have felt weary in recent times of engaging with culture and wider society, this book is a punchy, hearty reminder of how unbelievably good it is to know and follow Jesus. I’m so grateful for Stephen McAlpine’s winsome, heartfelt call to stick with Jesus even when the going is tough in the current climate.” - TGBC Customer

2. Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know

Teach your little ones your greatest dream—that whatever they do, they would love and follow Jesus—with this sweet rhyming storybook, which has quickly become a fan favourite of our readers.

Try out the colouring and activity book for even more fun, and grab the board book version if you’d prefer a shorter, sturdier version for little ones.

“This book was a Christmas gift for our 3-year-old granddaughter. At our following visit, 3 months later, it's still a favourite book that she wants to hear every night!” - TGBC Customer

1. Is Easter Unbelievable?

Think Is Christmas Unbelievable?, but make it Easter. In this small book, Rebecca McLaughlin argues for the historical validity of the first Easter. Give it away to your intellectual neighbours and sceptical friends to help warm the heart—and truth—of the Christian faith.

“This book hit the sweet spot for my friend who had wandered from the faith. She wanted to believe, but struggled with the resurrection and what it meant. I have ordered ten more to give to other friends.” - TGBC Customer

What did you love reading this year? Let us know in the comments section below, and check out more popular reads and upcoming releases to enjoy in 2024!

Avery Powers

Avery is our Marketing Engagement Specialist. She manages our global social media channels and works alongside authors to help share about their books. You can often find her sharing stories in our bookstore at conferences.