Christianity Explored Episodes (SD) - Simplified Chinese

Christianity Explored Episodes (SD) - Simplified Chinese

One life. What's it all about?

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Simplified Chinese subtitled individual episodes in SD of the award-winning DVD for this popular introduction to the Christian faith.

Part of the Christianity Explored series.

1. Good news (Simplified Chinese).mp4 (+ $3.45)
2. Identity (Simplified Chinese).mp4 (+ $3.45)
3. Sin (Simplified Chinese).mp4 (+ $3.45)
4. The Cross (Simplified Chinese).mp4 (+ $3.45)
5. Resurrection (Simplified Chinese).mp4 (+ $3.45)
6. Grace (Simplified Chinese).mp4 (+ $3.45)
7. Come and Die (Simplified Chinese).mp4 (+ $3.45)
Day Away 1. The Sower (Simplified Chinese).mp4 (+ $3.45)
Day Away 2. James and John (Simplified Chinese).mp4 (+ $3.45)
Day Away 3. Herod (Simplified Chinese).mp4 (+ $3.45)
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Includes subtitles in Simplified Chinese

These episodes are in Standard Definition and are suitable for playing on smaller screens, laptops, tablets, ipads and mobile devices. Each episode is between 80-100Mb.

Christianity Explored gives you time and space to think about the big questions of life and to explore the life of the man at the heart of the Christian faith.

Discover the real Jesus on this 7-week journey through the Gospel of Mark. Written by Barry Cooper, co-writer of the original Christianity Explored course, and presented by gifted evangelist, Rico Tice, on location across the UK.


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  • 1. Good news
    2. Identity
    3. Sin
    4. The Cross
    5. Resurrection
    6. Grace

  • Day Away part 1: The Sower
    Day Away part 2: James and John
    Day Away part 3: Herod

  • 7. Come and Die


Contributors Christianity Explored
Format Video files
Language Chinese
Publisher The Good Book Company/CE
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29 Apr 2014

“Very Good”

That's what we want! Our church has start a seeker's group using this video. Highly recommend!

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