Close Encounters Handbook

People Jesus helped from the New Testament

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In Close Encounters you'll discover who Jesus is by looking at the stories of five people who met him.

Part of the Jesus and You series.

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Some of life's best experiences come from surprising close encounters - dolphins swimming nearby, bumping into someone famous, or kindness from a stranger.

Jesus had many close encounters with ordinary people, turning around their lives in totally unexpected ways. Today many people still find their lives changed by him. Jesus really understands us. And he can defeat the things that threaten our happiness and our future.

In Close Encounters you'll find out about five ordinary people that Jesus helped. You'll learn some surprising things about yourself, about God and about life.

Using a modern, easy-to-understand translation of the Bible, this straightforward guide and the accompanying DVD will help you understand who Jesus is, why he came, and the difference he can make for people today.

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  • Welcome to Close Encounters
  • 1. The man who came through the roof (Luke 5 v 17-26)
  • 2. The man silenced by a demon (Luke 11 v 14-26)
  • 3. The sick woman and the dying girl (Mark 5 v 21-43)
  • 4. The blind beggar (Mark 10 v 32-24 and 45-52)


Contributors Pete Woodcock, Anne Woodcock
ISBN 9781908317704
Format Saddle stitch
Dimensions 148mm x 210mm x 3mm
Language English
Pages 48
No. of studies 4
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Goldilocks porridge and Cinderella's slipper - it's just right”

(Review written for 'Close Encounters (Starter Pack)')

This has proved really useful for us. Good clear presentation style; great to h ave a quiz to make sure we have read the passage; questions that really push to read what the verse says (and again, see what it says!); good points of strong personal challenge, but sensibly offered for personal reflection not open discussion. I would like everyone in our home groups to go through these to learn to read what the passage says. A good pitch for unbelievers; fringe believers; wobbly Christians. One of our group likes it - they get lost in sermons or think of a question that they then forget by the end. This has lots of pauses - don't get lost and can ask the questions. Final testimonies lend 'real-life application'. Four weeks is an easy sell - not high commitment.

To improve:
1. Sometimes the final section adds unnecessary complexity with new material.
2. Bible texts stuck at the back of the book meant confusing flipping back and forth. (This is remedied in the Close Encounters course with a pull out section.)

How we are using it:
Running one a term as a follow-on from an invitation event. Run concurrently with our Sunday morning church (we've kicked the youth group out of the room into the vicarage!). Then people come to church - they've not done a course on a Monday night and then get asked to switch to another day - they meet the church over coffee afterwards and also means we can use church creche provision. We are pushed for time, but get lots from it. Considering running a fifth week on next term to review; to cover left over questions and watch a couple of testimonies that we missed through lack of time.


“Really useful resource”

(Review written for 'Close Encounters (Starter Pack)')

Purchased to kick-start a new afternoon home-group, Close Encounters is proving really helpful: there's no dumbing-down here! Fresh perspectives for mature Christians, with good questions for discussion, as well as being user-friendly and helpful for new disciples and seekers, mean that the materials are flexible for mixed ages and stages. Just a few comments about the presentation: it's a great idea to be able to choose presenters, it helps to ring the changes during a session. One of our members has hearing problems and the zooming in and out on faces is distracting when lip-reading (subtitles would be helpful). The fixed-camera means that sometimes the presenter's face is to one side of the screen - or even cut in half! I appreciate that the minimalist background focusses attention on what is being said, but it is a bit bare - especially when the presenter's face is to one side. A change of setting might be helpful.
However, all-in-all, thumbs up to Close Encounters! I think we may need some extra handbooks and I'm sure we'll buy the other two courses. Many thanks to the Jesus and you production team. Any more planned?

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Close Encounters Handbook | Pete Woodcock, Anne Woodcock | $5.99